Radio Nowhere

Magic, the new Springsteen album, is out October 2.

Amazon has the video of the first single: Radio Nowhere. Its one of the more interesting songs I’ve heard from Bruce recently.

With the Sopranos now thankfully ended,  Steve Van Zandt is fully back in the fold.


Bruce: Radio Nowhere

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  1. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Sep 5

    Wow!! BR is a Bruce fan. Are you going to the MSG shows next month? I’ll be there.

  2. Sherman McCoy commented on Sep 5

    The song is great… it nicely captures the existential loneliness that a few of us feel right now…

    But watching the video, I can’t help but wonder when the Brooklyn mob or the Russians are gonna show up and whack Silvio, his wife, and Bruce too…

  3. paul commented on Sep 5

    Bruce looks good I haven’t seen a picture of him for awhile. I happen to be listening to the tribute album where other artists sing his songs from One earlier Album. Excellent

  4. yoshi commented on Sep 6

    so the question is – what can you do with that video beyond displaying it on your local computer? can you distribute it to you mobile device? (iPod, zune, whatever?), can you send it to another device in the househould? (kitchen computer)

    Can you watch that video on any device that isn’t running Windows?

    I don’t know the answer to these questions but I would think they would be important.

  5. Bluzer commented on Sep 6


    Your silence on Apple’s latest, and most overt, move to stick it to their Jesus-phone sheep, is more than surprising. It is deafening.

  6. kvenlander commented on Sep 6

    yoshi, I just watched it on a Linux box (CentOS5). It’s just Flash – here’s a site that claims to convert it: (haven’t tested).

  7. Rod Roth commented on Sep 6

    Wow! I’ve never been a big Springsteen fan and now I realize it’s because I never went to one of his concerts.

    I’m definitely adding an iPod Touch to my Christmas list.



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