Bloomberg headlines from 10/27/1997

With Markets under pressure around the globe, this is as good a time as any to post this collection: A colleague at Lehman Brothers passes along these Bloomie headlines, dated 10 years ago this week.

History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme:>

– APPL up then / GOOG up now
– Rubin says economy strong, payment system working / Super SIV
– Dollar tumbles / Dollar tumbles
– Firms profits may slow / low EPS growth rate

1)   BN   10/97   + U.S. Stock Plunge: Dow’s 554-Point Drop Halts Trading
2)   BN   10/97   Nasdaq Stock Market Sets Regular 8 a.m. Opening After Tumble
3)   BN   10/97   Australia/NZ Shares Plunge 10% Following U.S. Stocks Fall
4)   BN   10/97   Malaysia’s Key Index Plummets 5.9% After U.S. Stocks Plunge
5)   BN   10/97   Dollar Tumbles After U.S. Stocks Post Worst Decline Since 1987
6)   BN   10/97   Apple Computer the Only Stock to Rise in S&P 500, Nasdaq 100
7)   BN   10/97   Rubin Says Economy Strong, Payment System Working
8)   BN   10/97   NYSE President Says Specialist Firms Withstood Tumble
9)   BN   10/97   SEC Reports No Problems in U.S. Stock Market Systems
10)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Market Plunge: Firms’ Profits May Slow
11)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Plunge: Wall St., Investors Calm in Tumult
12)  BN  10/97   Dean Investment’s Dirk van Dijk : U.S. Stock Market Comment
13)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Plunge: Investors Expect Further Losses; Then What?
14)  BN  10/97   Dollar Tumbles After U.S. Stocks Posted Worst Drop Since 1987
15)  BN  10/97   S&P 500 Futures Traded Overnight Fall 15-Point Limit at Open
16)  BN  10/97   Global Markets: U.S. Stocks Suffer Worst Plunge Since 1987
17)  BN  10/97   Marvin & Palmer’s Dodge: U.S. Stock Market Forecast
18)  BN  10/97   U.S. Stock Plunge: Comments From Financial Executives

It shows you that nothing really changes . . . 

Great stuff — thanks, Mike.

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  1. ferd mertz commented on Oct 22

    nothing changes… except that this time, the emerging meltdown emanates from the u.s., not asia.

  2. New Yorker commented on Oct 22

    What was the dollar like back then?
    PE ratios? etc…?

  3. rebound commented on Oct 22

    Superb data. Are these a personal archives, or is there a place where a person can subscribe to these historical headline datasets?

  4. Suge Knight commented on Oct 23

    Who cares? Post better topics than that. All this crash nonsense talk, give it up, we’re going up.

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