Gadget of the Day: Roth Music Cocoon

How frickin’ cool is this absurd, retro futuristic, tube powered, $750  iPod doc?
(speakers NOT included)


Roth Audio Music Cocoon




Roth Audio

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  1. PeterR commented on Oct 22

    Permission requested to post a blunt comment.

  2. Winston Munn commented on Oct 22

    Isn’t retro futuristic an oxymoron?

  3. F. Frederson commented on Oct 22

    I’ve got a tube amp kit sitting in my basement, waiting for a rainy winter weekend. Safe to say it won’t look that cool.

  4. Christopher Laudani commented on Oct 22


    If it’s not made with 100% Hyper-pure cooper with a GyroQuadratic, tri-braided field geometry VariStrand™, and precision machined pure silver interconnects wrapped in a clear Teflon® dielectric, then there is no way I’m hooking it up to my audio rig!

  5. Jim Bergsten commented on Oct 22

    So tell me again, how do it restore the fidelity and accuracy lost by compression?

    Oh, and, is the iPhone model twice as expensive?

  6. John Navin commented on Oct 22

    Those “tubes” aren’t real, are they? They’re just for show, right?

    In that case, I’d rather listen to my Grandmother’s old radio, from 1946, where the tubes have never been replaced and continue to work every time I turn it on.

    Beautiful warm sound coming from a huge World War II speaker. Plays 78’s as well — I’ve got a Jelly Roll Morton classic going right now.

    That Roth thing doesn’t play 78’s, does it?

  7. Captain Ned commented on Oct 22

    @Jim Bergsten

    One can put lossless audio on an iPod.

    Otherwise: Oooh, pretty fire-bottles.

  8. wunsacon commented on Oct 22

    I need new glasses. At first, I didn’t realize those were tubes. Remember how in movies 30+ years ago people conducted business only after offering their guests a drink with the classic line “what’ll ya have?” So, I thought they were bottles off expensive liqueurs protected under Get-Smart/Batman-phone glass cake covers.

    bbrrrrrrrng! Chief, it’s for you:

  9. VJ commented on Oct 23

    You don’t need new glasses. I thought those were some kind of liquor decanters at first glance as well.

    BTW, I’ve got a couple of Harmon-Kardon tube amps in my closet that my older brother gave me. Seems just about everything goes retro if you wait long enough.

  10. cm commented on Oct 23

    The ipod-minibar.

  11. wunsacon commented on Oct 23

    Thanks, VJ and cm. So, what’ll ya have?


  12. bucky katt commented on Oct 23

    Cool & retarded, all at once.

  13. Fred commented on Oct 23

    I bet rap sounds much better through those tubes.

  14. Bob A commented on Oct 23

    It would be very cool if I paid $3 for it at Salvation Army but not so cool at $750.
    Would I not rather put a $100 ipod dock on top of a genuine $3 tube radio? (Actually I
    have one in my basement… free)

    But yes it does LOOK very cool!

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