Google Blog Search Magically Repaired!

Last month, I asked "What happened to Google Blog Search?"

For some strange reason, a few months ago, Google stopped finding other blogs pointing back here. It was as if they had changed their algo somehow, and no longer were looking for fresh links. Google Blog search  seems to be working now.

Funny thing is, the shift sent me scampering over to Technorati — which I had previously written off as an imminent death-by-Google.

I’d like to tell you that my earlier commentary on Technorati — Game Over in the Blog Search Space — was secretly a call to them to get thier $%&t together, grab some financing, and scale up their technology — but I’d be lying if I did. I assumed that no one could withstand the Google onslaught, and Technorati would merely crumble.  I was wrong; Technorati appears to be thriving. 

Blog search is one of many, many things that Google does. Its not exactly the core of their business. Blog reactions is the core of what Technorati is about. Even if a gorilla moves into your business space, there is room for a dedicated niche player — as long as they offer a unique value proposition something worthwhile.

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  1. King Rat commented on Oct 29

    It still doesn’t work for my site. It mostly brings up my own posts, and since I get a link only once or twice a month from somewhere else those disappear.

  2. stormsailor1981 commented on Oct 29

    please anyone reading this post, take 10 minutes of your time and go to read it. if we have any hope whatsoever of getting out of a world-wide depression of biblical proportion, signing this petition is worth 10 minutes of your time.

    and pass it on to your friends that are scared of what they are seeing as well. if enough people sign this we might have a chance.

    just a small flicker of hope in an emmense black void.


  3. 12th percentile commented on Oct 29

    expecting the link: functionality of Google to return accurate results is like expecting the ratings agencies to do the same. In both cases it is for the same reason. They prefer not to.

    I believe this statement is incorrect.

    For some strange reason, a few months ago, Google stopped finding other blogs pointing back here.

    It’s not that they don’t know about the links or can’t find them. Its whether or not they choose to report them for your pleasure. If your log files don’t show a large drop off in search engine traffic, than they still knew about the links and gave you credit for them in their algo.

  4. 12th percentile commented on Oct 30

    the post you link to about their accurate results was from Jan 07. Barry was pointing out their inbound link results were total shite since then. Now they are “magically” back.

    You can expect them to remain so. I would not.

    This functionality has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of their blog search results. Why should they tell you who is linking to you? They are the ones who crawled the web and have the server farms. No need to give that info away since its valuable info.

  5. tom pitts commented on Oct 30

    Google more incentive to provide accurate link: results in it’s blog search compared to web search, because of the conversational nature of blogs.

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