I got your wall-o-worry right here:


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  1. Robert Morton commented on Oct 31

    I love the Greenback – flat on his face!

  2. VJ commented on Oct 31

    Here’s something REALLY scary:

    Housing does not seem to be leaking into other parts of the economy

    Ed Lazear – Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors

  3. Winston Munn commented on Oct 31

    I got’cho 3.9% GDP right here:

    Chrysler Laying Off Thousands of Workers – AP – 1 hour, 17 minutes ago

    Aon Cutting 2,700 Jobs in Restructuring – AP – 16 minutes ago

    MasterCard 3Q Profit Soars, Shares Climb – AP – 2 hours, 41 minutes ago

    Alcatel-Lucent Posts Loss, Will Cut Jobs – AP – Wed 3:14 pm ET

    That’s right – no jobs but lots of credit card spending – what was that song the band on the Titantic played….?

  4. Francois Theberge commented on Nov 1

    The greenback flat on its face, in dire need of an intensive care bed.

    Meanwhile, one can smell FEAR in various quarters of the Central Banks of this world.

    A good indicator of this fear is the price action of gold on the spot market. Very large selling orders are hitting the tape every time the PM get near 800$.

    Looks like that various big players are not eager to see gold breaking the 800 USD level. The canary in the coal mine may chirp but not scream.

    It would be akin to admit that there might be a REAL problem with inflation after all. Can’t have that if you want to save an assets-based economy.

    But the trend is pretty obvious thus far: gold has never pierced its 65-week MA since 2001 and all corrections have been met by more buying and higher prices.

    For a barbarous relic that doesn’t even have the minimal decency of paying interest nor dividends, that’s a pretty good performance.

    Et tu, greenback? Had enough?


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