Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (10/22/07)


This morning, I’ll be guest hosting Morning Call on CNBC, from 11:00am to noon. 

On today’s agenda:

The Global Market selloff

Earnings, Equity Value

Inflation issues

Energy, Commodities

Weak Holiday Retail sales

UPDATE: October 22, 2007 2:32pm

heres a segment of the video from this morning



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  1. Florida commented on Oct 22

    They’re letting you host the show? Awesome! Take over and talk about cool music the whole time!

  2. Chief Tomahawk commented on Oct 22

    BR, I only caught the end, when they had the 4-way screen shot for the close. I was surprised the 3 CNBC anchors let you get a word in edge-wise. Had that been Kudlow you would’ve been cut off at least 3 times…

  3. Michael Schumacher commented on Oct 22

    Totally OT

    Please send us all in North San Diego Cty, you’re prayers and thoughts.

    We need some good vibes soon….

    It is not a pretty site……

    Evacuated my home a few hours ago… the hospital was being cleared. That was enough for me….

    Please pray for us.


  4. Fred commented on Oct 22

    Good luck MS.

  5. zao commented on Oct 22

    Hope everything will be ok. Good luck.

  6. DILBERT DOGBERT commented on Oct 22

    Pray for rain.
    We in Northern California got ours in repeated mild doses that shutdown the fire season. Southern California needs rain of biblical proportions.

  7. peter from oz commented on Oct 22

    fire is terrifying
    the aftershock can be worse
    it’s an Australian experience every year
    good luck MS
    rgds pcm

  8. Michael Schumacher commented on Oct 22

    Thanks for the thoughts….

    Still pretty nervous…..

    We are experiencing the bullshit of who signs the paperwork for the airplanes to begin dropping water…….Utterly bullshit.

    Where is FEMA and Bush???? Not that I would expect any direct help but there are several thousand people who need it.

    But most happenings West of the Mississippi do not exist to the powers in charge.



  9. rebound commented on Oct 22


    Best wishes.

    Taking care of yourself and neighbors via cell phone, email, and word of mouth (and blog posts) combined with whatever you can scrape together is going to be better than what Bush or FEMA can likely offer … although I’d like to think differently. The National Guard are a different story, as they will likely help out tremendously. The N.G. are are already integrated into the communities they are serving and know the terrain.

    Please keep us updated and put out the word if there is anything we could do from our distant computers. Anything from Fed-Ex packages to places to stay up north in Oregon, just let us know.

  10. Chief Tomahawk commented on Oct 22

    Hey MS, best wishes.

    I don’t know whether hotels will gouge, but I just checked prices on, and they don’t appear to have budged much (I suspect this is due to pre-existing agreements Hotwire has… that and folks aren’t used to using a net retailer in an emergency when they’re stuck on the road.)

    A check for Anaheim on Hotwire displays 7 hotel/motels available for under $50 tonight. My experience is anything above 3 stars on their rating scale (ie Doubletree, Sheraton, etc.) is a quality place.

    Dial 1-866-468-9473 to reach Hotwire by phone. I hope this info is useful to you or someone else.

  11. michael schumacher commented on Oct 22

    Thanks for the vibes.

    I am under no illusion about getting anything from the state however there are thousands who need things and will likely impact almost the entire population if supplies (blankets, cots, mens clothing, food donations-to mention what the need is at the large evacuation center located at Qualcomm Stadium)like medical, baby supplies.

    This “could” and I take great pains to stress could become the Superdome of the west. I hope I am wrong.

    Needs: per the TV News

    blankets, cots, mens clothing, food donations-to mention what the need is at the large evacuation center located at Qualcomm Stadium

    I will add: Pet food, pet “supplies”, teddy bears, yes that’s right Teddy Bears….

    everyone needs a hug…….

    Please pass this information on to anyone you think can help

    (as for me….I’m fine… got the family and the stuff I need to carry on a life should I not have a house to return to. Others may not be so lucky.


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