The Bubble Man

Very funny original song, written and sung by Scott Pettersen, on everyone’s favorite Fed Chair/scapegoat, Easy Al.

I really like Scott’s Louis Armstrong/Tom Waits type vocals.


Scott’s my space home page is

Who is the “Bubble Man”?

(Can you guess?)

On Wall Street, he’s been called a rock star. In the rest of the world, his name may ring a bell, but few people know what he actually does. Here’s a clue: THE BUBBLE MAN IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. 

And this may be an understatement. 

So do you think you know who the Bubble Man is? If so, drop me a message or a comment. I’ll post the answer in my next blog. (Hey, this could be fun. I’ve already gotten some really strange guesses.)

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  1. SINGER commented on Oct 15

    “When the whole world takes a bubble bath nobody’s clean”

    The artwork and quotes really enhance the song…which is funny enough on its own…

    It’s like some twisted Powerpoint presentation…

  2. JA Lin commented on Oct 15

    I think WTO should award him “the greatest
    Exporter Ever “, since he has been exporting
    the largest ever bubble to China(and is passing to HK now),India and ….

  3. jmf commented on Oct 15

    Thanks for posting!


  4. Scotto commented on Oct 16

    Singer, thanks for the comment. Actually the lyric says “the world takes a bubble bath and no one COMES CLEAN.” A subtle distinction, but a slightly different connotation.

    Actually, yours works just as well.

    “Twisted powerpoint.” I love it.


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