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We are a favored pick from Portfolio in their very cool info-graphic, The Econoblogosphere:

click for ginornmous interactive chart

Mouse over “The Investors” to see us!



UPDATE: Sept 28 2017

Portfolio is no more, but Craig Robinson, the original artist, maintains a static version of the graphic

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  1. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Oct 1

    You go Boy! LOL! Thanks Barry for such a great site, and all your research and hard work. You are making a difference!!!

  2. a guy called john commented on Oct 1

    portfolio is turning into an impressive mag/website. subscriptions are just $12, which is less than the three copies i’d probably pick up at the airport this year. i figure i’ll bite on soon (and demand they remove me from any marketing list).

  3. Spcwby commented on Oct 1

    CONGRATS….Big Time!

    The less I speak, the more I listen, the greater my knowledge…..spcwby

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