Falling Houses

We get Housing Starts tomorrow morning at 8:30am

Sadly Amusing belated autumn leaves:


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  1. Florida commented on Nov 13

    How much of WMT’s earnings were due to inflated food and energy costs? I’m curious on this one.

  2. Michael Donnelly commented on Nov 14

    Plenty for starters 16% of sales are grocery. Add in Fuel sales and pharma sales, and you gotta figure their traditional retail was just as bad as everyone else’s.

  3. wally commented on Nov 19

    Gosh, this looks familiar.

  4. alexd commented on Nov 19

    The last time I saw a bear market (1990 +-)
    I saw that right before the occourance there were a tremendous amount of ads for watches in magazines. Well got my new issue of Better Life (which I like) and there was a 3 page glossy pullout for a maker of pricey watches. Tons of watch ads. Now since expensive watches are bits of wonderfull craftmanship and beauty / fancy bracelet surrounding the excuse of also being a timepiece, it means that people thought there was a lot of $ sloshing around and bought those ads. When you can go out and buy the function of a timepiece for 3/5 dollars everything else after that is there for a different reason. All I am saying is if you are spending big bucks on a watch you either are really flush or think you are. My Eddie Bauer watch for 70 bucks is a durable, handsome thing. Anyway I think that this many ads portends a negative economy again. When there is blood in the street used Rolexs abound. Another fun item for prediction is the thickness of magazines. The thicker they are the more advertising, I guess you could do it by weight. Sort of like evaluating stocks by current PE versus the five year average.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    PS. If you are an American Indian, sorry about all that.

  5. Rich Lather commented on Nov 19

    Is it still a good time to buy or sell a house?

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