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Note that this will shift, depending upon which page you are viewing it in — the main pain, the post page, or something else entirely (i.e., frames). I’ve watched it bounce around from 0 to 4 to 6.

There has been some controversy lately about Google penalizing certain sites for link monkey business.

Compare this site’s PageRanks with that of these MSM, before and after penalties:

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Wikipedia: Page Rank

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  1. peter from oz commented on Nov 9

    no hijack intended
    but has anybody noticed the 2.15 bounce has started
    rgds pcm

  2. generalenthu commented on Nov 9

    See it in google reader for a page rank of 8!

  3. michael schumacher commented on Nov 9

    Fitch and Moody’s have been way too busy today with more “reassurance”……Alot of them came out all at once. No coincidence that the market sold off at the open and it IS a friday-LOL


  4. peter from oz commented on Nov 9

    over the last few days there has been supportive activity in financials etfs and stocks like wfc
    perhaps some sages think all the bad news is out/discounted?
    or is it only “all the news that’s fit to print” (for younger non newsprint readers thet’s a very famous slogan)
    rgds pcm

  5. Kp commented on Nov 9

    Page Rank is old news. See link below for it’s replacement.

    Click me

  6. wnsrfr commented on Nov 9

    My software company site, in a narrow niche, has a rank of 4…which surprised me, but I assume this will go down soon.

    I recently cancelled the content sites in adwords, which are everything but search engines. All my most expensive ads were being displayed on crap, fake parking lot pages and somehow getting clicked…gosh, don’t know how.

    Meanwhile, the Google spider is counting all the adwords references, on all those clickfarm sites…it is kind of like bribing Google…you pay for crap links (and fraud clicks), but your page rank goes up?

  7. wnsrfr commented on Nov 9

    Also, along with the pigeons, here is a site Barry can use to drive-up any click-based revenue :)

    Pretty funny, no where do they admit it is fake…could even be a sting site for the truly stupid…

  8. peter from oz commented on Nov 9

    are we going to finish at the low of the day
    what does that tell you about the tea leaves and entrails?
    rgds pcm

  9. The Financial Philosopher commented on Nov 9

    I read what Barry wrote and the first paragraph of Wikipedia’s definition of “page rank” but I still have no idea what it means or what value it holds.

    All I know is that I gain value from TBP (some information, some entertainment) and that’s all I need…

    If a 6 is a good “page rank” then congratulations, Barry…

  10. peter from oz commented on Nov 9

    did the 2.15 momentum boyos go to the well once too often?
    have a good weekend
    bears are in boot camp readying for the first qr
    barry you’ll always be 6+ to me
    rgds pcm

  11. Estragon commented on Nov 9

    Peter from oz,

    FWIW, bonds closed early today.

  12. muckdog commented on Nov 9

    Nice little widget there to add to the web page. I clocked in at a page rank of 4. Not sure how to bump it up, or if it even matters! Google has added “blog search” to their search page, which does a good job of finding discussions on items of interest…

    This one ranks the reading level your blog is at:

  13. peter from oz commented on Nov 9

    thanks estragon
    but that would mean yyour switch started early which it did
    but in the last half hour no support from the average downers or the momentums
    what does the after trade and futures look like?

  14. Estragon commented on Nov 9

    Peter from oz,

    Futures were pretty much flat from 4-4:15EST. Momentum clearly turned negative with a break of a double top pattern around 3:30.

    Also, I’m not an options guy by any means, but weekend time decay ahead of expiry might also be a factor?

    OTOH, maybe the PPT thought mission accomplished and booked off early ;-)

  15. donna commented on Nov 9

    Google has pissed me off lately – too hard to find anything I’m actually looking for, especially local services. It’s very frustrating.

    I used to be able to find anything on the Internet, and now with all the messing around they do with “scoring”, it’s become almost useless.


  16. michael schumacher commented on Nov 9

    why did bonds close early…I saw on the splash page early this morning but never went to see why…anyone know??


  17. Wendy commented on Nov 9

    I was angry with Google when I realized they’d knocked a couple of my blogs down a few notches, then I decided I really didn’t care what they did. I’m not going to change anything that I’m doing, expect to do more of the same. Blogging is my business and whether or not Google approves is of little concern to me at this point. If things get really bad, I’ll ditch all my Blogspot blogs and go strictly with WordPress. Why? Google owns Blogger. If I can’t trust them, why would I want my blogs in their hands?

  18. Bryan Price commented on Nov 9

    So my blog has the same rank as the Washington Times? It had been 5, and now it’s dropped one. Me and my readership of about 10. Go figure.

    Bloglines was showing it as an 8 as well. :-P

  19. Darin commented on Nov 10

    BR: Your page is better than their’s, I would pay…

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