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Wicked cool tool:  Gracenote’s Music Map

Gracenote, the company that provides album information when you rip a CD, has decided to take their database of CD information served and tie it to a map of IP addresses.

Its kinda crude — you can zero in on a country or state, but nothing more specific.

What would make this tool really rock would be the ability to enter a zip code or even a street — all the better to make fun of what pop trash your neighbors are listening too!


The US and UK seemed to be dominated by Classic Rock. I wonder how much of that reflects new purchases, and how much is an iPod phenomena –people ripping their collections to iTunes to make their music mobile.

Australia had a similar emphasis on 60/70s rock, plus The Ministry of Sound. South Africa is a funny mix: U2 and the Beatles, RHCP and Celine Dion, Metallica and Avril Lavinge. Hmmm, kinda odd.

The lists from China, Korea, Japan were in the native languages, and so provided very little info for non native speakers.

India is a mix of native and US music that really surprised me: #1. Linkin Park #4. Bryan Adams, #7.  Backstreet Boys, #8. Pink Floyd, #10. The Beatles (I didn’t recognize the rest).

Saudia Arabia was Beatles, Mariah Carey, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith

Iraq, which had the Insane Clown Posse in the top 10, may be unduly being influenced by US Service personnel . . .


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  1. The Dirty Mac commented on Nov 4

    Hats off to those Metallica fans in Iran.

  2. Isaac commented on Nov 4

    It’s official: everyone likes Pink Floyd.

  3. Dave commented on Nov 7

    >>What would make this tool really rock would be the ability to enter a zip code or even a street<< Yeah dude that would totally rock! Listening to 'Rage Against the Machine' gets you added to the no-fly list, courtesy of Gracenote and Homeland Security.

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