Radiohead Covers the Smiths


"Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know, its really serious . . . "


Cool blast from the past! 

I was a pretty big Smiths fan back in the day, and when a band like Radiohead covers one of their tunes, it is just fine by me . . .


Queen_is_deadSmithsPreviously:  Radiohead Adapts Our Business Model

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  1. MM commented on Nov 12

    Morrissey and Marr were the best ever. The truth that the Smiths spoke years ago is much needed today.

    Long live Morrissey and Marr…

  2. Donny commented on Nov 12

    Yes … since we’re talking about music tonight, I’d like to make a suggestion.

    I went and bought the new Queen live DVD (Montreal). Awesome! JMO, Brian May was the first guy to make guitars sound really cool.

    Just remember folks “A Night at the Oprah” was 3 years before VH 1.

  3. Brian B. commented on Nov 12

    I enjoyed 80’s metal and the Smiths. hows that for a combo. The Smiths was about the only music I could dance too, great music!!

  4. Brian B. commented on Nov 12

    ok, off subject and I dont know if I am allowed to talk market on this strand… Dennis Kneale was on Kudlow tonight. I stand by what I said last week.. I went to cash 4 weeks ago, and maybe it was a good call, but I dont care about that, what I care about is that, Kneale still says to buy stocks everything is fine!!! When will they stop putting him on TV?

  5. markbres commented on Nov 12

    Isn’t that “The Headmaster Ritual” and not “Girlfriend in a Coma”?

  6. David Yaseen commented on Nov 12

    Wow. A finance-guy/smiths fan. Now, I’ve seen everything.

  7. a guy called john commented on Nov 12

    andy rourke doesn’t get enough credit for his bass lines. just wanted to mention that.

  8. tb commented on Nov 12

    brilliant. the best band ever (the smiths, not radiohead…)

    if any readers here don’t know The Smiths, do yourselves a favour and buy the album “Hatful of Hollow”. Simply the best. Then get “The Queen is Dead”. Then every other album they ever did…

  9. John commented on Nov 13

    As a person who owns essentially every Smiths album (except for greatest hits), I too am a bit surprised at the finance connection.

    The Smiths appealed to 1) those who liked a bit off-kilter danceable music and 2) literature geeks, lonely teenagers, goths, jilted lovers, and generally depressive types.

    “Sweetness, I was only joking when I said I’d like to smash every tooth in your head.”

    “If a double-decker bus crashes into us to die by your side would be a heavenly way to die.”

    It’s too bad that Morrissey has released only 2 really good albums (and piles of junk) since.

  10. That Guy Drinks Beer commented on Nov 13

    “How soon is now” is the most brilliant drug song of all time. Shame it was the exception for this band.

    Radiohead, what next, REM covers? Lame.

  11. Markaz commented on Nov 13

    That is Headmaster’s Ritual ( played in an Open D). They also covered a New Order tune the other night when they broadcast this show from their studio via the net. You can find the whole set laid out on Pitchfork (

  12. JasRas commented on Nov 13

    Nice cover. You know, not all us finance guys are blue blood, varsity jock types. Some of us were the quiet gothy guys that helped you with your homework…

    Now I have to get my Smiths CDs for the drive in…thanks for the memories.

  13. michael schumacher commented on Nov 13

    I read (I think at livenation-can’t remember) that the Smiths-the original members-were all offered a collective $70 million to do at least 30 guaranteed shows. The only provision was that Johnny Marr was “allowed” back into the band.

    Morrisey said no….and then went out on his own tour…money is not everything.


  14. slouch commented on Nov 13

    money quote from the clip:

    “its about when we were younger, only we didn’t write it…”

    If I only had an ounce of gold for every time I’d thought that…

  15. Northern Observer commented on Nov 13

    The most original music of its day.
    That’s what made it worthwhile.
    “who said I lied because I never..”

  16. LAWMAN commented on Nov 13

    LOL. Got that Smith’s album right here in my CD pile. Thought I was the only one that listen to them still.

  17. moodmovesmarkets commented on Nov 14

    Any of you Smiths fans catch the Joy Division biopic, CONTROL?

    Two thumbs up from this reviewer. Great acting and the essence of the Manchester sound.

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