Tesla Demo

Time to take a break from the markets for a little fun lunchtime viewing:  Way cool demo of the Tesla electric car, via Mahalo Daily.

hat tip FatMixx

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  1. L’Emmerdeur commented on Nov 7

    Wow, that guy Shaky the Camera Man gets a lot of work, ever since he manned the cameras on Saving Private Ryan!

    Hint: Tossing the camera round for that “real life” feel does not make up for talentless, crappy camera work.

  2. anon commented on Nov 7

    The guy in driver’s seat looks like he’s thinking what I’m thinking about the chick in the passenger seat.

  3. Ottnott commented on Nov 7

    I guess you didn’t see the video with the cool car and the very thrilled woman.

    Is there a multi-millionaire 20-something geek in Silicon Valley who wouldn’t order that car after seeing that video?

  4. SINGER commented on Nov 7

    come back from lunch market just broke under 1492 on the SP…

  5. Ross commented on Nov 7

    Way kool kar. Question; how many miles per kilowatt hour? What is the range?

    They’re getting there but I’ll keep the 911 Turbo for now.

  6. Robert commented on Nov 7

    Very cool car, and it will no doubt garner a lot of attention for electric cars in general – It’s just too bad Tesla isn’t a publicly traded company… ZAAP, on the other hand, is, and seems to be making some headway in the extreme opposite end of the EV market. Any thoughts on them?

  7. michael schumacher commented on Nov 7

    re Mahalo

    Yahoo circa 1997 called and wants it’s search strategy back……LOL


  8. wunsacon commented on Nov 7

    I’m 75% confident the entrenched automotive interests make too much money selling us car parts and maintenance on the internal combustion engine to want to sell vehicles powered ONLY by electricity. That’s why the entrenched interests are offering hybrids as the “solution”.

    Instead, the new entrants will be powered by Silicon Valley VC’s. They’ll say “hmm..I don’t have my finger in the transportation pie — time to get me some of that”.

    I’m rooting for them…

    I wonder what the VC exit strategy will be in this case. I can imagine a successful IPO on this, rather than having to sell to, say, GM.

  9. jswede commented on Nov 7

    200mi range I believe. Nice commuter.

  10. Stormrunner commented on Nov 7

    New electric motor technology driven by advances in parallel path magnetism are making pretty good strides in electric motor efficiency, some of the stuff has elements of urban legend, like claims of acheiving parity (100% + efficiency) or free energy. None the less these legends have spurred some interesting research Tesla himself was purported to have stumbled into “free energy”. Great car, great name, intriquing technology looks like a winner.

  11. alexd commented on Nov 7

    I have read that the car does about 230 miles on a charge.

    The crux of the thing are improvments in batteries. When that happens then we reach a tipping point. Not to mention ultracapacitators.

    I live in the Detroit area. I think there is a distinct lack of imagination in the car companies. If you had a choice of an electric car that you could charge for equivalent miles at 1/3 the cost or one with an infernal combustion engine which way do you go? Some one is going to eat some ones else’s lunch.

  12. rob commented on Nov 7

    the car is a lotus elise with an electric motor, gas version is $45,000 cheaper and does 0 to 60 in about 4.6 seconds.

  13. Ottnott commented on Nov 7

    ZAPP is to be avoided. It is a shareholder-funded employment scheme for the principals.

    That’s the nicest way I can put it.

  14. dh commented on Nov 7

    Man, Barry,
    you are on fire. this blog keeps getting better and better. It definitely shows your personality and character. Bravo.

  15. dh commented on Nov 7

    Screw the gas version,and the oil companies,especially the ones sponsoring terrorism and war.
    I will pay 20K more for the electric version.

  16. rob commented on Nov 7

    It’s not 20k more it’s 45k more, and the gas version is a Toyota engine you can get fixed anywhere. Who are you going to call to fix the Tesla if it breaks down 200m from the dealership?

    What good does saving the planet do you if you threw away all your money?

    You can’t eat scenery.

  17. lurker commented on Nov 7

    hate to break it to you but cars are not going to save the planet. try bikes. oh right, the Chinese are junking theirs for…oops cars. we’re dead.

  18. Kp commented on Nov 7

    Hey Barry…you take delivery of that M3 yet?

    I want pics! and if you take it Lime Rock, bring a video camera.

  19. dh commented on Nov 7

    I will wait for mass production. Meanwhile
    I will drive my Accord Hybrid.

  20. alexd commented on Nov 7

    Lets remember that this is the first of it’s kind, not a machine to buy locally. It is like being an early owner of a new and cool technology, you pay through the nose for something that will be a lot cheaper in the future.

    The point is not that an Elise is 45k cheaper I think at even 4 bucks a gallon for gas it would take a very long while to justify a purchase on a comparison basis. But the point is to show it can be done and if you have the cash to buy one you can get one.

    I bet the electric motor is likly to run a long time without a problem, something about moving parts….

  21. Sebastian commented on Nov 7

    “It’s not 20k more it’s 45k more, and the gas version is a Toyota engine you can get fixed anywhere. Who are you going to call to fix the Tesla if it breaks down 200m from the dealership?”

    Duh, you call the dealership and have him tow the car…..

  22. ATP commented on Nov 8

    Awesome car. Interesting though because in the beginning the founders disagreed and split ways about targeting high end only vs. mass market. Nice to know they will be serving all segments. Lotus designed this body. Wonder who will design the minivan. Way to stick it to OPEC.