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Speaking of Film Soundtracks . . .


We were just discussing these last week, and I happened to notice that EMI is re-releasing the 1965 movie, The Beatles Help! in a special-beautiful-super-deluxe 2 DVD set (and  advertising the hell out of it everywhere I look).

I guess when Help! the Deluxe Edition sells for $95, they can afford the advertising budget. Its a huge promotional push to nostalgic boomers.

I have a hard time justifying the $95 dollar price for this one — but not for the $54.99 5 DVD Blade Runner (previously discussed here, here, here and here).

Especially since a digitally restored and newly created 5.1 soundtrack 2 DVD version of Help! is available for $17 !


UPDATE: November 9, 2007 5:43am

I see the 5 DVD deluxe Blade Runner has an Sales Rank of # 107, versus Help! the Deluxe Edition, which is has #112 in DVD sellers; 

The 2 DVD version of Help! version of help is #17.

Ha! Score one for rational behavior . . .


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  1. wunsacon commented on Nov 8

    >> I have a hard time justifying the $95 dollar price for this

    $95? A sign of the times, I think.

  2. Quiddity commented on Nov 9

    Which should I buy for the holiday season, the Help! DVD set or one barrel of oil?

  3. Matt Levin commented on Nov 9

    Oil obviously – going to be worth $120 in a year – what a steal!

  4. The Dirty Mac commented on Nov 9

    The $95 price tag is consistent with the now ubiquitous $200 to $400 concert ticket. The richest 2% must really love popular music.

  5. Greg0658 commented on Nov 9

    I passed on the Genesis concert a month ago, saw them like 10 years ago, I think it was Land of Confusion tour. Stayed home and watched the We Cant Dance dvd. Was I wrong not to support them and the Queens territories at this time?

  6. JJ commented on Nov 9

    I guess the Beatles are still more popular than androids.

  7. Greg0658 commented on Nov 12

    good power = words; pictures; placement of money. PERIOD.

    I believe that when the spirit leaves the human body after death, gravity no longer holds it to Earth, hense the Spirit is released to the Universe as Energy.

    Since I don’t believe a true God could hold you to pressures exerted by fellow humans … imho in the Universe of Laws … your Energy will seek like energy’s.

    Thats Justice and Love. Eternity with souls just like yours.

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