US Leading Global R&D Spending

Nice interactive data set, from FT:


US ahead as global R&D spending up 10%
John Willman in London
FT, November 11 2007 18:21 | Last updated: November 11 2007 18:21

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  1. VennData commented on Nov 27

    And it’s the quality of R&D as well that’s important.

    For example, hopefully Verizon’s opening their cell phone network will be a message to Microsoft. If Microsoft wants to compete with Google, why don’t they open up like them? They’d crush Google (if they were really better.)

  2. DavidB commented on Nov 27

    WOW! Not one Chinese or Indian company in the top 100. That surprises me. I wonder if that will change over the next 20 years or so. It better if those countries intend to be global leaders

    Top 100 R&D companies

  3. Paul Jones commented on Nov 27

    Has anyone seen a similar diagram or chart that shows where the money on R&D is physically spent, not just the nationality of the spender?

    Given that China and India have 2/5ths of the worlds young minds, it might make sense to get them in on the R&D game.

  4. me commented on Nov 27

    “WOW! Not one Chinese or Indian company in the top 100.”

    When IBM invests $6 Billion in India, is that US R&D or Indian R&D?

  5. DavidB commented on Nov 27

    good points both Paul and me…errr you. China, India and Brazil are all on the list of the top 1250, they just didn’t crack the top 100. It is interesting that Russia is nowhere to be seen. They need to start reinvesting some of those petro dollars if they want to see their country sustain that flood of capital

    It is kind of sad how much of the R&D dollars are going into cars and cell phones. It shows where our minds are at. The future belongs to more drugs, more yapping and more traffic.

    I’m not looking forward to it.

    I only wish hollywood would spend more of it’s money on R&D. Maybe then we could get quality entertainment

  6. Ant commented on Nov 27

    Given that China and India have 2/5ths of the worlds young minds, it might make sense to get them in on the R&D game.

    They are – – they’re just doing it in the employ of “U.S.” companies.

    Also should be noted from the FT article that they’re increasing investment much faster than we are (“China and India both recorded growth of more than 30 per cent, albeit from low bases”)

  7. EricC commented on Nov 27

    I have not read the FT piece yet but I take it with a grain of salt at first glance. What exactly is R&D in this case? Pharmaceutical companies, for example, claim scads of R&D money and between 25-50% of that is “marketing” research. They basically research to see what new ailment is suddenly afflicting millions of people and then rush to develop some kind of life-style drug that we all wonder how we ever lived without before.

  8. lurker commented on Nov 27

    and no one can surpass us in overpaying crappy CEOs. that is something America has truly perfected.

  9. ken commented on Nov 28

    I don’t really believe this. My background is in accounting. It was always a big deal to toss any expense would could in R&D at the software companies I worked at.

    We always wanted to show a certain % of our revenue as R&D to meet investor expectations.

    But it was bogus.

    I’m not sure foreign companies have the same financial statement demands US firms do.

    And don’t think GAAP makes a differnce. ENRON/CITI should make that clear.

  10. me commented on Nov 28

    Oh thanks ken. You now make BR and I more skeptical than I ever thought possible.

  11. freejack commented on Nov 29

    Why just corporations? It would be interesting to compare the numbers on the R&D being done at Universities and government agencies (NIH, DOD,etc…)also.
    Might explaine some of the ‘gaps’ (Russia, China, India,…)
    And as EricC & ken note, a differentiation by F.T. between Basic Research, Market Research and ‘creative accounting’ would also be helpful

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