2007 “BESPy Awards” For Best Investor Blogs, Education, Sites and Podcasts

Hey, we won a Bespy!

"The First Annual BESPy awards. The BESPy recognizes the “Top” BLOGS, EDUCATION, SOFTWARE and PODCASTS dedicated to Business and Finance for the modern investor. There are thousands of financial sites, blogs and podcasts available for the Disciplined Investor, and we are looking for the cream of the crop.

“An ALL-STAR LINEUP!” The show has many of the superstars from the world of modern finance, including, Aaron Task, Eric Savitz, Barry Ritholtz, Gal Arev, Bill Cara, Flexo Smith, Fausto Pugliese and many more! Listen to find out who takes the BESPy Award for each category."

Congrats to all the nominees and winners.

Our (nasal) interview is at the 19:35 mark


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  1. John commented on Dec 21


    Congratulations. And thank you for putting in your time to write this blog! Happy Holidays!

  2. side pocket commented on Dec 21

    Indeed congrats. You’re winning everything, thus confirming our wisdom in hanging out here.

  3. Norman commented on Dec 21

    This proves it, there is a GOD.

  4. v commented on Dec 21

    Congrats Barry! As the others have noted, this is one exceptional blog. I’ve only been reading TBP for about a year, but I am deeply grateful for the vast amount of detailed, insightful analysis and research. This blog is the definition of must read. Once again congrats, and thank you so very much.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Josh commented on Dec 21

    Sounds like 2007 was a good year for you.


  6. Eric Davis commented on Dec 21

    “An ALL-STAR LINEUP!” The show has many of the superstars from the world of modern finance, including, Aaron Task, Eric Savitz, Barry Ritholtz….

    “They like you barry, they realy like you”
    – to coin sally field.

  7. Florida commented on Dec 21

    You’re on a roll, Barry! Congratulations on both your wins today and thank you for running such a quality website! I read it every day.

  8. Fred commented on Dec 21

    Well deserved recognition.

  9. GerryL commented on Dec 21

    I am long energy. Doug Kass has just gotten very bullish on energy. I am very nervous.

  10. Dave commented on Dec 21

    Congrats Barry.

  11. Eclectic commented on Dec 21

    The mere fact that all these other motor truckers are e-v-e-n in the runnin’ with TBP is so laughable and to be worth wasting my time listening the mofos just for the amusement.

    TBP has NO competition… none, ANYwhere!… PERIOD!

    I wouldn’t dream of posting anyWhErE else!

  12. DonB commented on Dec 21

    It’s great to see you recognized. Personally, I’ve profited greatly from you insights, as well as leads to other blogs. Thanks!!!

  13. Andrew Horowitz commented on Dec 21


    Well deserved. Simple as that!

    Andrew Horowitz
    The Disciplined Investor

  14. Nathan Kowalski commented on Dec 21

    Congrats Barry! Your blog is number 1 IMO.

  15. me commented on Dec 22

    What everyone said

  16. lurker commented on Dec 22

    I hope you owned enough MOS! Great pick.
    happy holidays to all. and thanks BR.

  17. DavidB commented on Dec 22

    you earned it bud. Way to go!

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