5,000th Post!

How’s this for an insane stat? The prior Existing Home Sales post was number 5,004.

When I first started diddling with blogging in July 2003, I never expected it to have cranked out this much content!

Those 5,000+ posts have also been accompanied by 59,686 comments and 1,873 TrackBacks. Pretty insane. if you ask me.

I am working on some changes as 2007 comes to a close. I’m considering moving the entire blog over to a dedicated domain (rather than being hosted by typepad). Several other ideas are in the works that I am very excited about — including pulling some screens off of Fusion IQ for the blog.

I think you will find 2008 to be a very interesting year . . .

Thanks to all of you who contribute to the process — the ideas, suggestions and the comments especially — they are all greatly appreciated.

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  1. VennData commented on Dec 31

    Grats Barry. An excellent place to exchange ideas.

  2. m3 commented on Dec 31

    Congrats Barry!

    You’re doing yeoman’s work!

  3. NervousRex commented on Dec 31


    Many thanks for all your wisdom and good humor throughout the years. This is one of the true must-see places in cyberspace.

    Where else can I get a call on MOS and some good new music tips in the same place?

    Have a great New Year!


  4. Guy M. Lerner commented on Dec 31


    You should be very proud of these accomplishments! Now why didn’t your mother say that?

    Happy Healthy

  5. Vendetta commented on Dec 31

    Keep up the good work, much appreciated and happy new year from London

  6. theEagleI commented on Dec 31

    Your blog is a beacon of truth and encapsulation of wisdom amid the landscape of spin, lies and hubris. And as a bonus, you manage to serve it with a dose of humanism and tongue in cheek humor! Thank you for the good work and wish you a great new year.

  7. Eric Davis commented on Dec 31

    You should be able to add a domain, without actually moving. Both, the current typepad domain and the new domain can home to the same place, either here or at a new provider.

  8. jbh commented on Dec 31

    congrats barry. this is great news all around.

    i just purchased an iphone specifically to be able to read this blog more frequently. please be kind to iphone readers in any redesign :)

  9. Florida commented on Dec 31

    Keep up the great work, Barry! Your site is one of the few I make sure I check out every day.

    And Happy New Year to you and all of the commenters!

  10. Costa commented on Dec 31

    Just wanted to say Thanks and keep up the good work. 5,000 more!

  11. jw commented on Dec 31

    Congrats! Did you win a free ipod?

  12. Dave commented on Dec 31

    Thanks Barry. Here’s to another 5,000 more…

  13. RN commented on Dec 31

    Quantity is nothing. With the exception of the times you’re a cheerleader for stealing music, what you should really be congratulated for is the quality of all those posts. Good work.

    Now start buying your music and supporting artists.


    BR: Start? I own — as in having purchased — over 3,000 CDs.

    I have done my share and then some . . .

  14. Greg Feirman commented on Dec 31

    Thank you Barry for all your good work.

    I think most people would agree that The Big Picture is #1 in financial blogs.

  15. AC commented on Dec 31

    Congrats, Barry. Now why dont you or the other geniuses over at FusionIQ figure out a way to let end users cancel their trial subscription.

    It’s been over a week and still no response to my email to cancel…

  16. Old Ari commented on Dec 31

    Thank you Barry. Best wishes for your future.

  17. x commented on Dec 31

    Go Barry Just Do It

    Happy New 2008 !!!

  18. Pat Gorup commented on Dec 31

    Congratulations on your blog Barry & I look forward to changes you might make to it in 2008. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  19. Bob A commented on Dec 31

    Happy New Year!

  20. wmac commented on Dec 31

    Oh BR, please don’t change the format too much. Right now you have the second most readable econoblog format going. ( sorry, Tim Iacono has you beat )

  21. NoFate commented on Jan 1

    Barry – Congrats – you have the best blog going!

    I think CR and John Maulden’s newsletters are on a par with finance and economic info. What you have in common with these folks is providing the unvarnished truth …and some very good analysis. It is a sad state of affairs that The Economist is the only remaining magazine/newspaper I trust to this degree.

    The reason that you are better than CR or John though is the other stuff. The music, books, humor and everything else. Thanks man …and have an awesome new year!

  22. v commented on Jan 2

    Sorry for this late comment. However I, too, wanted to offer my congrats and sincere thanks for writing such an outstanding blog.

    To 5000 more!

    Cheers! A belated Happy New Year to all!

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