Blade Runner DVD NOT Released Today

Today was supposed to be the official release of the new 5 DVD version. Apparently, there is some sort of a production issue, and according to Amazon, the DVD is NOT available today:

"Due to production and shipment delays from the studio
impacting all retailers, this title will not be available to ship by the street
date indicated above. We are working with the studio to get this product in
stock as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Isn’t that just like a Ridley Scott production? late, over-budget, but brilliant to look at.

Well, this gives me a few more weeks to figure out which version to get (as we discussed last night in the $200 HD/Blu-Ray).

5_disc_dvd_suitcaseHere’s what I am wrestling with:

Blade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition) ($55, all the crap included)

Blade Runner (Four-Disc Collector’s Edition) ($23, just the DVDs — but available TODAY)

or, do I wait for the HD/Blu-Ray decision?

Blade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition) [Blu-ray]   

Blade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition) [HD DVD]    

Some quandry. And I thought this was going to be my last Blade Runner post . . .

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  1. Bert commented on Dec 18

    Do you receive a commission if someone buys through your Amazon links?


    BR: Yes, as discussed in the disclosure page, Amazon referrals range from 4 to 8%.

  2. Pool Shark commented on Dec 18

    How about the least expensive option:

    Move to L.A. in a couple of years (i.e, after the coming recession/depression and resulting social turmoil) and personally experience Ridley Scott’s troubled, futuristic, urban landscape at no cost whatsoever?

  3. Mike M commented on Dec 18

    Do whatever it takes to get the nerdy suitcase. Then start using that as your briefcase. Chicks will dig it.

  4. Bynoceros commented on Dec 18

    Originally, I think Warner Brothers had planned on giving away a Unicorn with each purchase, but there were some logistics issues.

    The suitcase does seem a bit more economical.

  5. Alex Mark commented on Dec 19

    Based on the scene with Sebastian and Roy at Tyrell’s home. Perhaps others will enjoy it.

    Volker: Got a brainstorm, huh, Bernanke?
    Mortgage derivatives kept you awake, huh?
    Lets discuss this. You better come up Bernanke.

    Bernanke: Mr. Volker I– I brought a friend.

    Volker: I’m surprised you didn’t come here sooner.

    Greenspan: It’s not an easy thing to meet your maker.

    Volker: And what can he do for you?

    Greenspan: Can the maker repair what he makes?

    Volker: Would you like the regulations to be modified?

    Greenspan: Stay here. — I had in mind something a little more radical.

    Volker: What– What seems to be the problem?

    Greenspan: Debt.

    Volker: Debt. Well, I’m afraid that’s now a little out of my jurisdiction at this point, you–

    Greenspan: I want more liquidity, fucker.

    Volker: The facts of economic life. To make an alteration in the evolvement of a financial organic banking system is fatal. A lending sequence cannot be revised once it’s been established.

    Greenspan: Why not?

    Volker: Because by the second term in office, any debts that have undergone reversion mutations give rise to revertant derivatives like bankers leaving a sinking ship. Then the economy sinks.

    Greenspan: What about variable mortgage recombination?

    Volker: We’ve already tried it. Ingestion of ethyl alcohol resulting in the combining of banking with investments creates an alkylating agent, a potent mutagen. It created a virus so lethal the economy was dead before it left the White House.

    Greenspan: Then a repressive government that blocks the operating brokers.

    Volker: Wouldn’t obstruct replication, but it does give rise to an error in assessments so that the newly formed lines of credit carry the mutation and you’ve got a virus again. But, uh, this– all of this is academic. You did as well as we could make you do.

    Greenspan: But not to last.

    Volker: The economy that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And it has burned so very very brightly, Alan. Look at you. You’re the prodigal son. You’re quite a prize!

    Greenspan: I’ve done questionable things…

    Volker: Also extraordinary things. Revel in your time.

    Greenspan: Nothing the god of helicopter economics wouldn’t let you in heaven for.


    Barry, Buy the immediate release and if the briefcase comes out, sell the first set on ebay!
    Have a great holiday everybody!


  6. Steve commented on Dec 19

    The Final Cut comes to The Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC January 18. I can’t wait, I’ve seen the previous two versions in large theaters and there is no comparison on even the best home theater system.

    This movie is meant to be enjoyed in a quarter full theater with about 75 other geeks, freaks, and nerds.

  7. Neil Harris commented on Dec 19

    The advantage to the HD and Blu-ray versions is that you don’t need to pay extra for the silly briefcase. Assuming you have a player, this is probably the way to go.

  8. Neil Harris commented on Dec 19

    The advantage to the HD and Blu-ray versions is that you don’t need to pay extra for the silly briefcase. Assuming you have a player, this is probably the way to go.

  9. Eric Davis commented on Dec 19

    you have to get yourself something for the holidays.

  10. zot23 commented on Dec 19

    C’mon Barry, I thought you were brilliant. HD for the win man, HD for the win! You’ll be buying them someday anyway, why bother with regular DVD?

    We’ve had an HD-DVD player in the house for a few months. The discs are expensive, but really the quality is so much better.

  11. Darrell commented on Dec 20

    (I meant to post this earlier, but that thread got stale.)

    Hate to say it, but seeing the Final Cut in Los Angeles was both good and a disappointment. My wife and I vividly remember the original 70mm print and its incredible sound from 25 years ago in Westwood.

    It was good to revisit, bringing back a lot of story detail we’d forgotten, but even the 4K digital projection fell short, especially in some scenes where the pixels seemed jittery.

    I’d expect an HD version will be nice, but with 1920 x 1080 half of 4K, it won’t be 70mm. After seeing the digital projection, I probably won’t buy it, let alone watch its different versions.

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