Cody and Jim Rogers on Fox Business

My pal Cody & Jim Rogers chat about the Fed.

Roger’s also discusses his book "A Bull in China"

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  1. mrstock commented on Dec 6

    It is clear that Fox News is a program run by people of little brain. I cannot believe this interview. It’s a shambles with no real attempt to cover any issues or allowing the interviewee to respond to any questions without being interrupted. It s a discredit to Jim Rogers even to commit to appearing in this kind of environment. This is taken as serious (?) financial journalism in the USA which probably explains why the USA is in such a mess in the first place.

  2. Francois Theberge commented on Dec 6

    To the Fox Biz channel talking heads:

    Can’t you STFU when a guest answer your (vapid, brainless, stupid) questions??

    You sux immensely. I listened to you for the 1st and last time yesterday.


  3. rickrude commented on Dec 6

    the interview was precise and to the point.
    What else do you want rogers to say ??
    Rogers was right on. Bernanke and the Fed
    are trying to save their rich friends on Wallstreet at the expense of others.

    The genius is in the brevity and clarity.

    If you want wallstreet mumbo jumbo, go watch
    CNBC and FED meetings.

  4. DC commented on Dec 6

    Who’s the lady in red?

  5. MAS (Seattle) commented on Dec 6

    What does FOX BIZ have planned for Spring break? Will there be a wet T-shirt contest behind them as they discuss finance?

    — Look at that inverted yield curve. —

  6. brokenotbroken commented on Dec 6

    Come on, this is crap. Please don’t post anything else with these two clowns in it. I like Jim Rogers a lot but I couldn’t sit through this “interview.” Where did they get these jokers?

  7. Mike F commented on Dec 6

    What is Fox News thinking? All due respect to Mr. Rogers and your friend, this was such a lame interview. The “happy hour” setting is just not conducive to any serious discourse. Here we have one of the most recognized, outspoken, irreverent, macro-oriented economic thinkers out there being being interviewed by two gushing groupies. I thought I was watching some red carpet show on the E Channel. “Oh Jimmy, will sign my book please! Is that an Armani bow tie?” Puh-leeeze!

  8. DavidB commented on Dec 6

    15 years ago if these guys had called out the fed like they did in that clip they would have never appeared on the MSM again. What a breath of fresh air from that perspective. It is amazing how the internet has changed the focus of financial discussion in the world. He actually reported that the US CB has already failed twice in the US! How many people know that? How many BANKERS know that?! They would have cut to a commercial after that in the past and when they came back he would have been gone! Maybe we can start believing for a better world when the emperor’s throne can be criticized once again. If this is what FOX is going to bring to the debate it is definitely needed and will fill a huge vacuum

    That aside the format is juvenile and distracting but I’m sure it is the only environment the modern college grad can think in. If they were in a quiet studio the minds of their target audience would probably shut off

  9. CaptiousNut commented on Dec 6

    Great clip. Glad you posted it.

    If people don’t like it they can turn on CNBC where they give unchallenged air time to scumbags like Eliot Spitzer and Bill Gross.

  10. John commented on Dec 6


    I have a different take, which is that Wall Street wants ’em higher so they can unload their inventories onto the unsuspecting. What’s needed for that, given the fact that the true picture isn’t very good? Short squeezes. The huge money squeezes the big money in order to bring the little money rushing in to be bagholders. For this to happen, bearish punditry must be given a lot of air time.

    Now, had all this commentary happened six months ago, I might be inclined to agree with you. And I may be wrong here. But that’s my take on it.

  11. Eric commented on Dec 6

    Based on previous interviews, I think Jim Rogers is a smart guy with a fairly complex point of view. But here he is reduced to extreme sound bites and ends up sounding like he’s contradicted himself. With no time to explain in more detail, one is left with an impression of him as a bit half-baked.

    Recessions good for the economy? This is effective as a sound bite because it sounds like a paradox. But if you think about it, it turns out to actually be one: it is like saying that the horse running away from the stable is good, because we learn to be more careful about locking the stable door. But why do we want to lock the stable door in the first place? To keep the horse from running away, because that would be… bad.

    The real problem with this sort of argument is that the words “good” and “bad”, even “economy”, are too vague and don’t let us in on what the speakers are really thinking–these words are used to appeal to our “common” values as a meaningless way of arguing for a certain course of action (propaganda).

    Tough times clear away certain people and make more room for others–whether this is “good” or “bad” depends on how you assign values to different sorts of people–also to yourself and how you stand to lose or gain. Even really tough times (such as those that lead to world war) can be “good” or “bad” depending on your valuations, which are in turn determined by how you stand to lose or gain from war.

  12. DavidB commented on Dec 6

    You’re looking at the games John. I was just commenting in the underlying education that goes on. Politics flows through everything and the fact that FOX or any MSM outlet would be biting the hand that feeds is stunning to me.

    Keep in mind I started looking at this whole financial mystery in the early 90’s when even mentioning the fed was very much verboten for the MSM

    And did anybody else hear Rogers say Bernanke is helping Wall Street at the expense of ‘us’? Jim Rogers an ‘us’. I had to chuckle at that one

  13. Groty commented on Dec 6

    I used to admire Rogers. Now I think he’s a total tool.

    Every time he gets TV face time, he uses the opportunity to bash the country/system that made him fabulously wealthy and to praise a communist country that engages in counterfeiting, uses quasi-slave labor, pollutes its rivers and air, doesn’t respect intellectual property rights, doesn’t allow its currency to float freely, etc. And because investment in industries is decided by bureaucrats and not by ROI or market forces, Chinese banks are now sitting on what couold be close to $1 trillion in bad loans.

    Unlucky for us, he now has a book to promote. So, the media gives him face time not only to bash America and American institutions, but to promote his book that promotes the China he so adores.

  14. dukeb commented on Dec 6

    Wow. I love listening to Jim Rogers, but this POS interview is worse than Happy Hour. Nobody was around to give me a drink while I was listening to the two idiots pretending to be cohosts.

  15. rickrude commented on Dec 7

    the simpleton interview just about matches
    the things that are going on with the FED
    and the mortgage bailout of idiot investors.

  16. slick commented on Dec 8

    Too painful to watch.

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