Comment Problems: Typepad Goes Anti-Spam Crazy

Everything_typepad_2 I suspected something was awry when I could not post a comment to my own blog — I was blocked as a spammer.

To those of you who have been unable to post comments, its most likely not you, but the newly aggressive anti-spam filters. (See this recent "Everything TypePad" blog post)

To check if it is your IP address, try posting "ABC." If that works, than its most likely something in the content. Look for the usual spam words — "mortgage-refinance-viagra-huge tool" and edit them out. If you still cannot get a post up, email it to me with your name and which post its for, and I will edit it in.

If ABC won’t post, try opening a different browser. I could not post "ABC" in Firefox, but it worked  fine in Safari and IE.


Hey SixApart: Here is my feature request: I want to identify specific IP and email addresses as "Preferred Commentors." These folks would not get flagged as spammers, and should not even have to deal with the captchas.

Thank you in advance. (If you could have it done yesterday, that would be good).

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  1. cinefoz commented on Dec 19

    Let’s see if it is a content filter:

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    MS Office – Freeeee, only $400 handling and shipping. Even more sensational values and special deals available. Call for free details.

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  2. cinefoz commented on Dec 19

    Is this one going to work? I might be a known spammer now. 5th try.

  3. Eric Davis commented on Dec 19

    I never thought I would see the day when some button down suit guys, sat on CNBC and talked about how excited they were about a video game on the x-box.

  4. donna commented on Dec 19

    This kind of thing is why I switched to WordPress a couple of years ago.

  5. michael schumacher commented on Dec 19

    “preferred commentators”

    i see where that is headed….premium content


  6. Fred commented on Dec 19

    > “preferred commentators”

    I interpreted that to mean “people that post a lot”. At the very least, you want to make sure that the people that contribute the most to the Comments section don’t have to jump through hoops to post.

    This blog has one of the better and livelier Comments section among econ blogs.

  7. Unsympathetic commented on Dec 19


    Barry.. I hope this blog won’t move towards premium content.. you’ll see in your history a previous post of mine was flagged as spam..

  8. Unsympathetic commented on Dec 19


    Barry.. I hope this blog won’t move towards premium content.. you’ll see in your history a previous post of mine was flagged as spam..

  9. b commented on Dec 19

    Typepad is really fucked up.

    I run my own typepad blog with some 100 comments a day and they have now cut that down to 20.

    This morning 48 entries in the “SPAM Folder” 46 of which were legitimate. Regular comments not published.

    The IT folks at typepad have no idea of how to even run a CP/M pc.

    Let’s stop paying them.

  10. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 19

    Preferred Commentors mean frequent and valuable posters;

    Premium content will be FusionIQ

  11. Jim Bergsten commented on Dec 19

    What you’re going to get out of all of this is a list of all of your “curiosity-driven” readers — you know, the ones that just want to push that big red “history eraser” button to see what it does. Who cares what I write, as long as it isn’t anti-spammed.

    All that aside, we are completely and utterly doomed — every communication path is breaking down — has anybody noticed that some “spam filters” seem to be letting “big company” spam through. Wonder who is getting paid to let this through?

    I’d be ready to chuck it all in and start a (bad) rock group, but even (bad) music is now permeated by computers.

  12. Jim Bergsten commented on Dec 19

    I would further suggest that anyone who makes it onto the “fast path” list AND THEN GOES OFF AND BRAGS ABOUT IT ON THE BLOG should be removed on general principles.

  13. dave commented on Dec 20

    Spam = Emails from She-males!

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