Free Trial: Fusion IQ

As mentioned last week, I am setting up Big Picture readers with a free trial with our new quant tool: Fusion IQ Rank.

You will see when you poke around, this is a pretty high powered piece of software. Our goal was to make individuals better investors by giving them access to mathematical horsepower that they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to on its own.

We will be spotlighting specific things you can do with the software over the next few months,  including different screens, portfolios, signals, etc.

Go to the Fusion IQ home page , then select Subscribe. On the signup page, you will see a line that says Discount Code —  enter "BIGPICTURE07"

and click on update.

The first 30 days trial is free, but you will need to enter a credit card number — as long as you cancel before January 17th, you won’t get billed. 


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  1. Peter commented on Dec 17

    If it can help me find another MOS, I’ll try it out for sure!

  2. v commented on Dec 17

    Very cool. But, umm, how long will the 30 day free trial be offered? You know, for those of us lazy bastages who won’t sign up until next year, lol.

    And thanks again for the blog and everything else.

    -v (a medium-time reader, first-time commenter)

  3. Matt commented on Dec 17

    Very cool Barry. I received an error trying to create an account (with instructions to contact), so I followed the instructions and hopefully that will get straighten out.

    Also, the “forgot password” link doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

  4. Kieran commented on Dec 17

    Barry et al,

    Any recommendations for trading platforms? I use E*Trade for stocks and OptionsXpress for options at the moment, but would be interested in what others use.

    Thanks all!


  5. Alex commented on Dec 17

    The FAQ section contains:

    Q: What is its track record? Has it been back-tested?
    A: Track records tend to refer to actively managed portfolios. Since FusionIQ™ is a software platform there is no track record to speak of, however the system has been rigorously tested. The results can be viewed by clicking here.

    But there’s no link to click :

  6. bucky katt commented on Dec 17

    Barry, I’m assuming this comes with real time data, or am I wrong on this point?

  7. txchick57 commented on Dec 17

    I signed up. It looks excellent and that’s a crazy price for such a great tool. Kinda reminds me of the early days of Minyanville when it was like $20 a month. Insane.

  8. Josh commented on Dec 17

    Hmm. Call me overly security conscious, but any service that sends a password via a cleartext email is not for me. I can’t see any unsubscribe link on the site, and my email reply to the account sign-up email bounced.

  9. BigMaary commented on Dec 17

    i like it barry. and for a price that won’t clip your monthly returns.

  10. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 17

    This is updated every day after the close.

    A real time version, with intra-day signals, would be appreciably higher.

  11. The Fly commented on Dec 17

    By far, the best tracking software available.

    Great work Barry.

  12. Chris commented on Dec 17

    Following your instructions, I now have a 2-week free trail – instead of one month – turning into the full $39.95 monthly. Seems like I might have been better off just taking the 6-month intro offer for $10 per month?

  13. bam commented on Dec 18

    I haven’t subscribed yet but can someone tell me if the Investor package includes the buy, sell, neutral signals for each stock? The ppt — which says Institutional — shows them but it’s not clear from the Software Products description link on the FusionIQ webpage. Missing “daily buy sell and neutral signals on over 7000+…” for the Investor package.

    And again, how long will the 30-day free offer be available?

    BTW — the formatting for the title fonts on the ppt are messed up. Also some of the text boxes should be brought to the front so the lines aren’t over the text (order/bring to front)

  14. bam commented on Dec 18

    make that 2-week trial…??

    Intro Discount: Free two week trial! (BIGPICTURE07)
    Discount Code: BIGPICTURE07 (Free Two Week Trial)

    I think I’ll wait until the bugs have been ironed out and it’s clearer what’s included.

  15. bucky katt commented on Dec 18

    Thanks for the reply Barry, but a real time feed is the only way to trade this market.
    I figured the price was too cheap for a rt feed, but that should be made crystal clear on the site.

  16. geek commented on Dec 18

    “Forgot Your Password?” page doesn’t work?!

    How do I know that? Cuz I’m a bum..

  17. sanjosie commented on Dec 19

    My question is about the seven thousand stocks the product covers. Are these US only exchange listings? Your anti-spam filter is jerking me around.

  18. AC commented on Dec 27

    How do you cancel the trial service?

    There’s no option on the ‘My account’ web page.

    Please advise.

  19. Matthew commented on Jan 19

    It’s worse than that. I set my account to expire and it still charged my credit card. Want to contact them? Good luck, the help link doesn’t work and there’s no obvious way to get hold of them.

    If this didn’t come from Barry, I’d think it was a scam.

  20. Paul commented on Feb 21

    I have the same thing here, they keep charging my credit card and I tried many times to cancel using using their “contact us” info, never got a reply. well…

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