HD/Blu-Ray DVDs = $200

Okay, they are not quite $200 — but there are 4 machines on sale at Amazon.com, starting from $223 – $327, (shipping included). That’s damn reasonable for an HD machine.

And, they include 10 free discs (5 with the player & 5 by
mail) for the HD machines; The Blu-Ray player includes 5 free (by mail).

These Hi-Def DVD players (not recorders) have now dropped to the point where they are very very tempting . . .


Toshiba HD-A35 1080p HD DVD Player for $500 = $327 (with free shipping).



Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player for $400 = $233 (with free shipping)


Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player for $300  $224 (with free shipping)


Samsung BD-P1400 1080p Blu-Ray Disc Player for $500 $280 (with free shipping).



Note: The Samsung BD-P1400 1080p Blu-Ray Disc Player
is Amazon’s best selling HD DVD (its Blu-Ray); The Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD
was the best selling HD machine, but it was replaced by the HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player for $300  $224 (with free shipping)

Nice find, via PVR BLog

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  1. Jonathan commented on Dec 17

    In about three years people will start wondering what is going to replace teh antiquated HD technology.

    I love it!

  2. Pool Shark commented on Dec 17


    You ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie!

    By the time the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray format war ends and a victor is crowned, that victor will already be obsolete.

    HD-DVD or Blu-Ray? Like Global Thermonuclear War; the only winning move is not to play.

    /Sticking with my ‘antiquated’ DVD’s until something truly better comes along.

  3. Florida commented on Dec 17

    I’m with Pool Shark–waiting this one out for right now. Even if something better doesn’t come out in the next few years, either HD or BluRay wins the format war and that’s when I’ll buy a player.

  4. John F commented on Dec 17

    Adding to the negativity (bad day, huh?) I have never really understood the concept of owning a huge library of DVD’s, but if I _DID_ want to build the ultimate collection with the ultimate flexibility, I would be putting that money towards a 1TB+ NAS drive instead. Buying the latest/greatest player at this point in the game just seems silly.

  5. Nugget commented on Dec 17

    I can certainly understand sitting this one out for a while. It would be really frustrating to buy a bunch of media from the ‘losing’ format and then get stuck unable to play them down the road.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out Pool Shark’s ‘truly better’ comment, though. To my eyes the quality difference of HD-DVD and BluRay over standard definition DVD is gobsmackingly amazing. I hate watching standard def discs now — they look truly awful in comparison to either of the new HD formats.

    I’ve got one of each player and only a handful of dicsc of either format. Limits my exposure in the midst of the format war. Netflix stocks all the HD titles and I’m happy to watch HD content via rentals with minimal investment. If one side wins or loses I’m fine either way.

  6. Cal commented on Dec 17

    We bought our boss the dual mode LG BH200 for Xmas. I also have the Samsung universal player on its way (and then on its way back, the first one here won the gifting “race”).

    Yes, its expensive, but people dont want 2 DVD players and worrying about which movie goes in which player.

  7. ken h commented on Dec 17

    I’m with Nugget that the difference is amazing. Part of the problem is having an HD TV and components without a player. I want to get one but F’em! I’m waiting until the idiots get it figured out. No beta max for me!

    For now, I just get PPV HD.

    As for owning DVD’s? Just the good ones for my home theater. Gladiator type movies that rock in 52 inch surround sound. No need to ever go to the theater ever again.

    As far as corporate investment goes. PPV would be an investment for the future. I just rented the new Die Hard and although it was about as far fetched as it gets, the effects where flipping sweet….at home!

  8. Donny commented on Dec 17

    I don’t know if either format will completely lose. I think the future is players that accommodate both formats.

    BTW, I have a PS-3 w/ Blue Ray connected to a Samsung 47″ LCD 1080p. One word … AWESOME!

  9. Steve commented on Dec 17

    I’m in no rush to go to HD DVD — but then, I’ve never actually watched one in either format. Right now our family situation (MIL lives with us, and claims a substantial chunk of our house — including the family room and access to the basement in our wacky split level) prevents me from having my dream home theater setup, so a 40″ Bravia playing HD cable and upconverted DVDs in the living room has to suffice.

    As for owning DVDs — we make it a rule to only buy ones that have generous extras. Not that we find time to watch them, of course.

  10. Fred commented on Dec 17

    I’m also in the waiting boat. I have a good size (non-HD) TV which has done good work for me. Since I don’t have HD Sat or Cable, there’s really been no need to upgrade.

    I’m certainly not paying a premium to figure out who wins out the HD/Blue-Ray wars. Each camp is spending an obscene amount of money trying to buy its way into supremacy. As usual, it’s all about the Benjamins, and there are so many of them being thrown around, it’s impossible to know who will come out on top.

  11. confusa commented on Dec 18

    Get a PS3 for Blu-Ray. Also upscales normal DVDs and you can listen to streamed music from your PC and Mac. Oh, it plays games too!

  12. DavidB commented on Dec 18

    From what I’ve heard Blockbuster has already decided the winner in the war by going with the blu-ray only format so if people are wanting to hedge they should probably go in that direction.

    How long before they plug the things straight into our brains or laser the things directly to our retinas? Nothing like watching gratuitous sex/violence/worldviews and false realities with no buffer whatsoever

  13. Clint8200 commented on Dec 18

    Yeah but can it play Betamax?

  14. SM commented on Dec 18

    I’m waiting too. I don’t want the 2007 version of a Betamax either.

  15. Thatguy commented on Dec 18

    Physical media is dead. Don’t buy any of these things. I can already download HD movies on my XBOX 360… not sure what the quality of the Netflix and Amazon downloads are, but how long can it really be before we take the same approach to our video media that we are now taking with our music?

  16. jswede commented on Dec 18

    hhhmmmm… for $300 I can enjoy true HD….. starting tomorrow. and there’s nothing “truly better” than HD-DVD/Blu-Ray coming in the next decade.. or two.

    there was a reason to wait for a format winner when these players were $1k+ a piece, but not now — to say Standard DVDs are servicable and you’re going to “wait” or “stick” is akin to staying with Standard Def TVs b/c you don’t see the difference in HD…. suit yourselves. lol.

    HD-DVD also play Standard Def – that, and the lower price (plus studios switching to HD-DVD from Blu-Ray) – will make HD-DVD the winner in the end… not that it really matters unless you are going to build a disc library — it’s only $300 for the player, folks.

    and yes, in the end, we all agree, I’m sure — movies will be digital files and we will not be using players anyway… but that’s no reason not to enjoy HD movies at your command in 2008.

  17. mappo commented on Dec 18

    Don’t get suckered by the low prices on the Toshiba A2 and A3. They don’t support 1080p resolution, aka “full HD”. The A30 & A35 do though. BTW, for those of you waiting on the sidelines, blu-ray has already lost the format war. It went down with the PS3, which lost this round of the console war.

  18. dogbreath commented on Dec 18

    When HD recorders are in the $200 range and the dicks are $0.50 – I’l be interested.

  19. Eric Davis commented on Dec 18

    Empirically, I’m seeing some serious desperation on all retail fronts, Massive discounting this weekend. If one is looking to bottom fish retail products, this is the Christmas

  20. rebound commented on Dec 18

    I purchased the A30 last weekend. When playing an HD movie on the A30 the picture is incredible. Up-sampled DVD’s are also a real joy! I did not know this unit would do this and it was a WELCOME suprise. However, the software on the unit (even after the flash update) is SLOW, and I’ve heard the same complaint about all the other brands. It feels like a 1st generation product … but I’m still quite happy with it considering how much it cost.

    Also, Netflix has a ton of HD (and Blu-Ray) content, so I am very happy.

    I didn’t buy it through Amazon because I didn’t want to deal with returning it if the optics / delicate mechanical elements were damaged during shipping. I paid more locally, but not a big deal.

    BTW: Don’t make the error and buy the A3 by mistake. The A30 = 1080P.

    Happy Viewing, Y’all.

  21. Gene commented on Dec 18

    Go Blu-Ray. I just bought the Samsung player. It’s awesome. I will likely get another one for upstairs after X-mas.

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