History of the Dow Industrials Poster

The Dow Poster I mentioned last week — but couldn’t remember who sent it to me — turned out to be created by JP Koning.

You can order a 36 X 24 wall chart from JP’s site here for $30. Makes a great gift for that broker or trader you know!

Nice work, JP

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  1. peter from oz commented on Dec 7

    good chart
    better than the 100 year ones that just show an upward trend (or the photo of the grey bearded guy “the man who waited for Real Estate to go down”)
    just finished the Bloomberg article on Ronald Perelman’s SPAC raising (also summarises others)
    in past interim bull markets I’ve experienced, such opportunistic raisings (to siphon the last drop of the speculative dollar from the market)have signalled that the ultra professional is expecting some real bargains pretty soon (less than 12 months)
    and this time around traditional banking channels are blocked up being unable to place the “private equity” debt
    another bear sign but this market looks like its got legs into the second Qr08
    rgds pcm

  2. David commented on Dec 7

    Great chart,
    You can see stock market bubble, that trend will start to go lower.

    Today is the day, we remember Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941, let us not be surprise again.

  3. Joel McDade commented on Dec 7

    I tried to order, but I don’t live in a Canadian province. No option for the U.S.

    Guess he’ll fix it after I’ve lost the immediate gratification syndrome.

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