New Business Model: Launch New Sites to Annoy/Sell to Apple

As a longstanding Mac guy, I’ve spent way too much time defending Apple against people who just didn’t understand them. But I have to wonder about their newfound zealotry for buying-to-close sites that play right into Apple’s PR strategy by guessing/revealing what upcoming hardware is.

I assume that Fake Steve’s discussion of the nastygrams and selling his site to Apple is bogus. Why would Apple even care? He’s been outed, AND his book was released. Fake Steve jumped the shark.


But his posts have given me an idea for a new tech company: Just launch new sites that annoy Apple. Then as each one annoys Real Steve, sell them to Apple.

The obvious ones are the secrets, rumors, and new product launches. Launch plenty of those.

Then there are the sites that spider the patent office, looking at each and every filing Apple does, and surmising wild new products.

But my favorites go beyond Fake Steve, working down the list of fake Apple executives: Fake Peter Oppenheimer (CFO), fake Tim Cook (COO), fake Ron Johnson (Retail), fake Tony Fadell (iPod Division). 

Even a Fake Steve Wozniak would be quite amusing, especially if he were portrayed as a bitter drunk (no, wait, that won’t generate money from Apple . . .)

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  1. SINGER commented on Dec 27


    Let’s do it!!!

  2. lux commented on Dec 27

    What, no Fake Phil Schiller?

  3. Kp commented on Dec 27

    This is just the beginnings of the Apple koolaid wearing off….just wait…it gets better.

  4. jock commented on Dec 27

    When apple started sabotaging unlocked iphones, I decided I’ll go for a blackberry, thank you. If I want boorish treatment, I can always buy a Gates product! You can take your designer chic and stuff it, Jobs.

  5. Chris commented on Dec 27

    I love apple too, but if this works.. i may be Fake Steve 2 electric boogaloo!

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