Very funny Wallstrip today:


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  1. Eclectic commented on Dec 20

    ……after six sets of tennis in a wet suit.

  2. Jmay commented on Dec 20

    I know a really funny movie you should watch, Barry.

    It’s called Caddyshack 2.

  3. Winston Munn commented on Dec 20

    Bush says “all options” on table to help economy”

    Just to clarify, does this mean nuking California and invading Florida?

  4. Eclectic commented on Dec 21


    I’d like to start out this pre-Christmas expiration Friday with a shout-out for Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:

    She’s smart, funny and a very good commentator… always has been in my opinion.

    And if I died right now, this morning watching CNBC, it’d take the undertaker 2 weeks and 5 gallons of formaldehyde just to get the TWO awesome red images emblazoned on the backs of my TWO eyeball retinas peeled off, and the smile wiped off my face just so my family could bury me with a dignified comportment.

    But I want TO LIVE!… and now I’ve got the TWO best inspirations for getting me a wide-screen HDTV… and a set of binoculars, a telescope and dropping in for an unscheduled eYe ExaM with my eye doctor, in the fervent hope that I don’t go color blind anytime soon.

    New Business:

    Some might think I ought to apologize to Barringo for severely abusing him about the head and shoulders during this most difficult year with my Sweet Bondie, and maybe I ought not to have savaged him repeatedly about the five-two-five stuff, about the cluck-cluck, the Death Row Inmate parody… and in other ways.

    NO SUCH LUCK! – I’ve enjoyed every pestilent minute of it, and I only regret I can but enjoy another few days before having to conduct a much needed search for a new form of pestilence to renew the tradition, if you know what I mean.

    So, Barringo… in the meantime, while I’m drafting another sucker trap of magnificent macroecono-forethought, wit and wisdom for you to fall into for calendar Aught –Ocho, be sure and avoid the camouflaged pits dug for you by Mrs. BP at the entrance to your local BB store. Otherwise, I won’t get to spring my own trap on you in the New Year.

    I will leave you with one last chance for a double C-note BB certificate, if you want to take the bait… against of course the dreaded cluck-cluck on the GSNT show… and I would require satisfactory delivery of contract terms… no defaults allowed.

    Here’s the deal:

    If the 10-Y-T even touches **4.250 or higher** (even intraday!) from now until before the open of the NYSE on Wednesday, December 26th, 2007, you get the two Cs, and if it’s never higher than **4.249** during all of that time …. You get to do the cluck-cluck interview (in costume) with Kudlow on or near New Year’s day.

    Deal?… Why, man!… that’s less than 25 basis points. You’d have to figure that my Sweet Bondie could do that in a heartbeat, right?

    You afraid of bein’ a Chicken?

    Uhh, hmmm, you’d need to accept this of course by the opening of the NYSE today, December 21st, 2007. After that, no deal… at least not on those terms.

  5. Eclectic commented on Dec 21

    Lookit-tat!… Barrrrringo!:

    …Just think, you cudda been jiss 9 lousy basis points from a Double C-Note!

    Hahahahahah… but Ura chiiickkkeennn!!!!

    BTW, I’m very happy for you on the BESPy, and I think you are wonderful to give me a voice. You are a sweet motor trucker… and I lliwke youss soo much, cnaanand I allss oo like htisss whhiskeyyy toooo s.

    MEeeemryyyy cchRisstmass, veenen ifffy you aree a triccbester, kisss kisssss, ceclllectic. nitttte nitte

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