Wish List Dreams

Many thanks to those of you who have sent holiday gifts off of the wish list.

Its not the dollar amount, but the thought that is so greatly appreciated — like the charming and inexpensive gift from a reader in Europe — I know it cost very little in dollars (and less in Euros!) — but it was very thoughtful and made me laugh. (Thank you, Monique!)


For those of you want additional guidance, consider the following parameters (as a goof) to guide you in your gift giving — no matter who the recipient is.

Here’s my short set of suggestions to facilitate selecting presents for your loved ones:

Hedge funds with excellent returns

Active Traders (with pretty good returns)

Hedge funds with pretty good returns

Long Term Investors

Hedge funds with not so good returns


Seasons Greetings!


UPDATE: December 14, 2007 6:47am

Thanks alot, to all who wrote in.

As I said, its the thought that counts — unless anyone is buying me a 45 foot boat.
Then, its the gift that counts . . .

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  1. Whammer commented on Dec 13

    What, no Pioneer Elite Plasma TV for the spare bedroom?

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 13

    That I managed to talk the wife into one was miracle enough!

  3. Dave commented on Dec 13

    Barry, in case you didn’t catch your buddy the permabull Kudlow on his show tonight, he took a cheapshot at ya…

    Doug E Kass brought up your retail article from the blog this morning and Kudlow did what he traditionally does when someone mentions something negative… he cut them off, and talked over them!

    “Rithotlz has been a permabear on the economy, but he does not have his convictions on the stock market… he’s always wavering back and forth. It’s hard to get a straight forward answer.” –

  4. Chief Tomahawk commented on Dec 13

    Yeah, BR. Kudlow & Don Luskind really gave Doug Kass a hard time tonight. All in the first segment of tonight’s show. Hope you didn’t have to watch that on the Pioneer Plasma Elite…

  5. Brian B. commented on Dec 13


    I do watch Kudlow everynight, but I got to agree with the prior posters tonight. Larry ripped on ya BR. He wanted Dougie, to give him some numbers that prove a “R” is coming. Time will tell who is right. Larry, you owe BR an apology, I think BR has been quite clear on his positions… Let me get this straight, Barry… You don’t have a plasma up on the wall in your bedroom? If you dont have a TV in there, what else is there to do? :)

  6. Kevin Crawford commented on Dec 13

    Don Luskin may be the most arrogant person I have ever seen. No repect for anything other than his ego.

  7. Al Czervik commented on Dec 13

    Yeah but the good news is, now that this assclown Kneale is getting so much air time, at least Luskin has some competition for the “Stupidest Man Alive” title. It’s like boxing. No fun if the champ doesn’t have any legitimate contenders.

  8. Francois Theberge commented on Dec 14

    “”Rithotlz has been a permabear on the economy, but he does not have his convictions on the stock market… he’s always wavering back and forth. It’s hard to get a straight forward answer.”

    Bwaaaahahahaha! You can tell LK don’t know jack-sh*t about trading.

    WTF is so hard to understand? A trader’s convictions must NEVER been injected in a trade. Those who do join the ranks of the looooooooosers.

    Even the investors who use fundamental analysis for securities selection and that can boast a long-term track record of success (Ahmet Okumus comes to mind) have a trading system followed with ironclad discipline. Their views on the macro-econ never gets in the way.

  9. Eclectic commented on Dec 14

    “I’m clickin’ through here for you Boss!”

    (Amazon shopping)


    Hey, Barringo:

    Our Death Row Inmate just got a new offer from the warden, as a sort of special holiday overture.

    Warden says to the DRI:

    “If you can eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in 1 hour or less, then you can qualify to play a new game – that being if the 10-Y-T is under 4.501 at the close, last trading day 2007, then your death sentence is lifted and you go free. However, if it’s 4.501 or higher (at the close last day only), then you’re back in the cell with Dropierre Pyants, and back to your death sentence to occur on the first day the 10-Y-T closes at 5.250 or higher.”

    Wudja eat the eggs and play the game, Barringo?…

    “No,” you say? Well, what the warden’s special offer were the o-n-l-y alternate offer you’d ever get?… In other words, turn it d-o-w-n and then it’s curtains just as soon as the Ten clicks through five-two-five don’chee know. You’re so worried about inflation.. why, heck… the Ten might sprint through cinco-dos-cinco. They’d give you the parson and the “my son lingo” and then fire up Big Yellow Momma and do some fryin’ and I don’t mean eggs. So, what’s the deal Lucille?… You take the plunge short term, or live a life of perpetual excitement long term?… Hmmm? That game would be like pitting Barringo against the Bizarro Barringo, huh?

    Old Business:

    For any of you who selected one of the warden’s prior alternate offers for our DRI, the one that allowed a permanent stay from execution for him but only until such exact close that a money market mutual fund broke the buck, let’s review the recent news and check in on the situation.

    I am willing to acknowledge that ain’t no plain-Jane-vanilla-it-ain’t-our-job-to-worry-about-yield-if-you-don’t-like-it kiss-our-ass money market mutual fund has broken the buck, not yet anyway, but even then I recken there mighta been the application of a wee tiny fudge factor to prevent it. But still I don’t think it’s officially happened yet, so the DRI ought to still be in his cell and depending on that fine industry and their disdain for reckless adverturism

    But then the warden, being the sort of penal administrative wizard that most of them are, might not spend too much time delving into the WSJ or other print or electronic media where, lo, it is generally observed that the MMMFs that have cracked the shell of the sub-1.00 NAV never-never land were not of the plain Jane type, and he might have jumped the gun on the news of these buck-breakers and already fried the DRI.

    Of course the governor would’ve been too busy trying to keep his state’s private local government money market pool from getting rationally sucked away to notice it and stop the warden from foisting a technical in-justice on our DRI.

    And so, where’s the Fed in all of this?


  10. smallchange commented on Dec 14

    If this is for excellent hedge fund managers and pretty good active traders then good night, depression has arrived :)

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