And The Winner is . . .

Media Bistro reminds us that last year, Eric Bolling made a big $50,000 bet (loser donates to the charity of winner’s choice) with James Cramer.

Congrats to Eric Bolling for winning the bet.

Now if only Bolling’s prescience about metals worked when evaluating TV networks . . .



Bolling on Bolling (the Admiral)

Eric Bolling Bolts CNBC’s Fast Money for Fox?

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  1. Eric Davis commented on Jan 14

    Bolling was the best thing on CNBC, and the rest of them Jealous and bitter, mostly because overall he was a genius, and made them look bad.
    That was when I stopped watching “fast Money”, or as I like to refer to it. “Stocks for Deaf people”. Why do they have to yell all the time, does it really make their arguments that more convincing, or less. Even worse, the other day(when I wasn’t watching) someone was making a good point, and one of the other guys interrupted him, and never let him finish his point.
    Further note, Karen rocks.

  2. Thomas Shawn commented on Jan 14

    Is there any word on the emergence of and Boling the Fox Business Channel?

    I say, K-Fine in ’09. Would we really have any more problems if Karen Finerman were president. She manages millions of dollars and has 4 kids, what more do you need in a president?

  3. Idaho_Spud commented on Jan 14

    Cramer picked the financials for 2007 !!! LMAO

  4. Eric Davis commented on Jan 14

    Bolling, apparently has to run out of his non-compete with McBuisness TV…. I think it’s a year… so that means….Aug-sep?

    he does guest pieces now…. and coins money in commodities.

    Karen is just the woman I fucked up and didn’t marry….

    Just a continuation of my own personal “Ben Steinery”….

    On that, and Off Topic:
    It keeps hitting me in the head that the 80’s boom was caused more by paul volcker, than “Trickle down”… Maybe I’m the last one to the Trough, on that…

    Truth probably is somewhere in the middle.

  5. Stuart commented on Jan 14

    For certain, mad money misses Eric Bolling. Jeff Macke, Karen Finerman aren’t too bad, but the others, ESPECIALLY Adami…. well, I wouldn’t take their advice to organize my kids coin collection. They make alot of bad calls, especially resource cos.

  6. Brian Egan commented on Jan 14

    so that clown picked financials? Isn’t tv great?

  7. GerryL commented on Jan 14

    Bolling didnt just win it was a complete destruction. This was like the New England Patriots playing the Miami Dolphins.

    It is interesting how Cramer always talks about he admits his mistakes. I havent seen any mention of this by Cramer.

  8. My ears are Ringing commented on Jan 14

    Deaf TV is right. The biggest offender is Dylan Ratigan trying to prove he belongs there by shouting over everybody, and engaging in his “I’m so cute ism” When Karen did the show during his vacation everyone could be heard. They must have a 16 year old producer from Jerry Springer. Ratigan should wash his greaseball hair more ofter,actually he should be fired as an improvement.

  9. Todd commented on Jan 14

    I loved Eric Bolling on Fast Money. It’s a real shame he left. It’s a bigger shame he went to such a crap outfit like Fox. People lose all their integrity as soon as they go work there.

  10. The Big Picture commented on Jan 19

    Cramer to Write $50k Check to Bolling’s Charity

    On Monday, we referenced the bet between Jim Cramer and Eric Bolling. Today’s NYPost runs with the story: ‘MAD’ JIM CRAMER LOSES GOLDEN $50K BETShould stock jockey Jim Cramer be locked up for aiding and abetting the subprime market meltdown? The host o…

  11. Jade commented on Feb 1

    Isn’t that the truth. Who the hell would trust Faux News for financial information is beyond me. I hear their business channel’s in the crapper right out of the gate.

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