Fast Money 1ST Anniversary


Congrats to CNBC’s "Fast Money" on their first anniversary.

It turns out that "Fast Money" is networks hottest property, and has been called "the fastest growing show on cable television." Congrats to host Dylan Ratigan, and producers Mary Duffy and John Melloy.

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  1. Innocent Bystander commented on Jan 16

    I have a hard time hearing what they are saying since Radican won’t shut up. Ditch him.

  2. BB commented on Jan 16

    I watch the show since its inception. Dylan does a fantastic job of running the show. However, he has gotten way to talkative lately. He had Carter Worth on tonight, who was doing great explaining a chart, and Dylan had to cut him, due to time but then went on for 15 seconds with some stupid lines. Bolling and Strazzini were the best. Give Macke some credit, he has been the most bearish of the group for the last several months. Dont get me wrong, I do not take advice from these guys! But its always good to see whats being fed to retail.

  3. PeterR commented on Jan 16

    “hottest property?”

    Sounds like the 2000 market top buzz IMO, especially with support here!

  4. BB commented on Jan 16

    O/T.. Dennis Kneale on Kudlow again tonight. Why do they have him on? if you listen to him, you would be fully invested in the market at its highs. Even tonight, he wants you to buy more, everything is fine. Obviously, he doesn’t manage money.

  5. Steve Barry commented on Jan 16

    Fastest growing show on cable? That is scary, given it encourages people to try and trade this market. Does the fact that it airs at 5PM and 8PM help that growth number?

  6. Donny commented on Jan 16

    A couple of observations:

    I like Fast Money and think Dylan does a good job.

    I think the Dennis Kneale whine meter is rising. Remember the “Dennis Kneale Top”. Remember the famous “I told you so” Barry.

    My gosh, today’s market was like a whipsaw. Think about this, the market was up about 100 just 30 minuets prior to the close, only to rollover and finish the day in the negative … below 12,500. That’s gotta feel like a psychological mind fu*k for anyone holding a long position.

  7. JudgeJudy commented on Jan 16

    Looks like a bunch of lawyers. Or realtors.

  8. Joe commented on Jan 16

    What I don’t understand is how or why they switched somebody of such caliber as Bolling for a bag of hot air like Najarian. His solution for everything is a straddle. His analysis like “10x the normal contract sales and 5x the outstanding contracts so something is going to happen in 2 days” is absolutely worthless. And they give him so much time. I’d take Carter Worth and his chart reading any day over Najarian … at least you can make some decisions on his opinions.

  9. Justin commented on Jan 16

    I watch it every now and then, mostly getting a sense of how over complicated so many people want to make things. The truth is all you have to do is – think for yourself and trade for yourself…(sure the machanics/procedures need to be learned but I find it much more useful to use books). In fact I think I’ve bought a couple of books off this sight. Thanks Barry

  10. Eric commented on Jan 16

    Lets see Pete thought the brokers were the stock for 2008, Karen was plugging Crox since $48, Macke and Adami have been in love with INTC and EMC for the last 35% down move. These guys are just as bad as Cramer.

  11. Eric commented on Jan 16

    Lets see Pete thought the brokers were the stock for 2008, Karen was plugging Crox since $48, Macke and Adami have been in love with INTC and EMC for the last 35% down move. These guys are just as bad as Cramer.

  12. Charlie commented on Jan 16

    The show hasn’t been nearly as good since
    Tim S. and Eric B left.

  13. dukeb commented on Jan 16

    If there is a root of all evil, television’s got to be it. My congratulations go to anybody who has turned the damn thing off and cancelled their cable.

  14. Howard commented on Jan 16

    Invest smarter.

    Turn the tv off.

  15. Cory Venable commented on Jan 16

    People,people, real money managers need these cheerleaders to make a market, you don’t want to teach them too much. Let the hosts get the glory as long as it lasts, hell the ink rarely seems to dry on their studio pass before the next one comes along anyway.
    That’s entertainment.

    Fiduciaries need not apply and clearly dont!

  16. Stuart commented on Jan 16

    Macke is about the only good one left. They should replace Guy with Tim S. Guy is as helpful as a toadstoole. Can’t wait for Eric to get his own show. That’ll be the one to watch.

  17. Richard commented on Jan 16

    just another flavor of wall street whores. it amazes me how many people sell themselves out to steal other people’s money under the guise of “investment”. i worked on the street for 10 years until i woke up recognized that underneath all the lipstick is just a plain olde pig.

  18. Stuart commented on Jan 16

    A great topic to debate on fastmoney would be the assonine rating agencies such as fitch.

    Ambac sees Q4 net loss as much as $32.83-share – MarketWatch
    21 minutes ago Ambac estimates Q4 derivatives mark-to-market loss $3.5B – MarketWatch
    23 minutes ago Ambac cuts quarterly dividend to 7c from 21c – MarketWatch
    23 minutes ago Ambac CEO Genader to retire – MarketWatch
    24 minutes ago Ambac to raise at least $1B capital – MarketWatch


    22 minutes ago Ambac expects to retain Fitch AAA rating – MarketWatch

    Absurd beyond surreal.

  19. rudy_d commented on Jan 16

    I think Kudlow is the best show on CNBC, though the show would be much better if they got rid of Kudlow and just let the guests chat. Maybe have a monkey as a moderator.

  20. steve commented on Jan 16

    Barry, I think you get enough media appearances, you don’t need to curry favor.

  21. Richard commented on Jan 17

    >>A great topic to debate on fastmoney would be the assonine rating agencies such as fitch.

    fitch. what a joke. buddy of mine worked on the IT side for for a couple of years. tells me the models are 15 years old and undocumented and no one knows how the heck the calculations are being done and the company doesn’t care because they’re making money hand over fist with no competition due to SEC selection.

  22. Screwed Saver commented on Jan 17

    I agree with above…they are just the new Cramer.

    My Mother in Law is 76 and watches the show every night…buys everything Macke says if she recognizes the name of it or shops there (she considers this a combination Fast Money and Peter Lynch trade).

    More money than brains I say.

  23. Sami commented on Jan 17

    If this is a bear market I give the show another 2-3 months before getting canned due to lack of viewers!

  24. John commented on Jan 17

    It’s a nonsensical program but I quite enjoy it. At least it’s free of all that ridiculous political bs from Kudlow and his company of other politico/economic happy talkers.

  25. Chris ///M commented on Jan 17

    I was excited about the time change a few months back because I got to watch the show at work and I started getting really tired of so called free market capitalist Larry Kudlow. However, after a few months I really miss the guests on Kudlow. It’s really the only program on cnbc that consistently had intelligent people on the show. Now I have to get updates on crappy solar stocks everyday..oh, well..

    btw, whatever happened to Tim, I know Bolling went to Fox Bus. but where did Tim end up?

  26. PeterR commented on Jan 17


    Curious to know how your “Congrats” sit in view of the comments above, and the recent market action.

    Has it occured to you that your spasms of enthusiam, in the midst of your generally pessimistic (and accurate IMO) market overview, might actually be good “market top” calls?

    Thanks for a great site.


  27. Steve B. NYC commented on Jan 19

    Couldn’t the wide popularity of shows like this (which give me a headache) and of Cramer’s everyman calling about stocks be considered contrary indicators. I think so.

  28. PeterR commented on Jan 22

    Still looks like a possible BR market top call IMO!

  29. PeterR commented on Jan 22

    And today’s posts will be a market bottom call?

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