Time to Panic?

The correct answer is, of course,  never. Still, this cartoon amuses:


via Ben Sargent

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  1. kd commented on Jan 22

    mother of god….these covered calls just ate my lunch for the next 3 months. Doesn’t matter what aapl reports tomorrow after hours.

  2. Eric Davis commented on Jan 22

    could be a terrible time to buy…

    but in a way… how can you not buy just some little thing on a day like this.

    like $100 hold in in your portfolio, to say “I purchased this on “that day””

    Most exciting day in the market for what 8 years?

  3. Drewbert commented on Jan 22

    The “endless war in Iraq” box is missing off that ship.

  4. Justin commented on Jan 22

    Drewbert, that is because in the long-run that will be a positive. It was the only viable entry point into the middle-east; the place at which things could be shaken-up. I hold no polyanna hopes, but the “west’s” foot-print in that part of the world is much needed otherwise down the road it only gets worse. Buck-up sunny-boy, time for the U.S. to realize that we are not in OZ anymore, they want to kill U.S!

  5. Eric Davis commented on Jan 22

    Historically speaking, imperialism in the middle east has always gone very well.

  6. Justin commented on Jan 22

    Eric Davis, your right, but in the past the possibility of extremely devistating terrorism did not exist. Welcome, dirty bombs, and tons of people congregated together at sporting, religious, etc…events. My argument is that we do need to know as much as possible about where the nutty terrorist might strike next and that having a foot-print in the middle-east, however tenuous, needs to be part of the plan.

  7. Eric Davis commented on Jan 22

    Go get em Tiger!!! Hopefully you are over there putting your ideas into practice.

    Economically, to stay on point of this blog, it’s becoming a bit of a lead brick. As much as one likes to act in ideological ways, sometimes you end up dealing with economic realities and our economy may not be able to afford to continue.

    “sometimes, it’s not enough to be Right”

  8. Taylor commented on Jan 22

    Since the 9/11 hijackers were Sunnis from Saudi Arabia training in and operating from Afghanistan, someone explain (oh don’t bother) why invading and occupying a largely Shiite country with a secular Sunni government helps to stop such terrorism.

    Well at least Uncle Alan admitted the truth: We’re in Iraq because of oil (even if he didn’t mention Peak Oil). No-one could have predicted that the insurgents would bomb the oil pipelines.

    BTW Bin Laden attacked WTC because of US bases in Saudi Arabia. That’s why the bases were moved to Qatar.

  9. SM commented on Jan 22

    The biggest box missing is Consumer Debt or Tapped Out Consumer

  10. Steve C commented on Jan 22

    Just remember guys and gals, for those that want to catch this “bottom” – there’s always a retest of the low.

  11. Pat Gorup commented on Jan 22

    Almost two hours into trading the DOW has regained 400 points. It should also be noted that oil is up $1.50 a barrel. And gold and silver are now both positive, with gains of $12 & .40 an ounce respectively.
    This speaks volumes about “inflation expectations”.

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