Violence Erupts at Barron’s

Below you will find the cover image art from the past two weeks Barron’s. I cant wait to see what this week’s version looks like!

Gee, you think the market is getting to these guys?



Soon, some half-assed group will be complaining about violence in the business media . . .

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  1. Roger Bigod commented on Jan 31

    It’s probably all part of working through the Anger Stage, along with the charming young woman on the foreclosure site. You’re providing a therapeutic service to the community letting us vent these Lizard Brain issues.

    Some of the posters seem to be beyond reptile mode, and are a model of frontal lobe clarity and insight. But I’m certainly not going to embarrass them by mentioning which political party they tend to represent.

  2. cinefoz commented on Jan 31

    When I was first trying to figure out how to make money in the market, I subscribed to Barron’s. By the end of that year, I realized that the only thing they are good at is depressing verbiage about the next pending downturn … which will always happen any time now. Some of the feature articles were ok, but most of those were just the opinions of finance gurus who usually contradicted each other. Yawn.

    The opening columnists are interesting to read, but often not very good to use to make investments with real folding money. Broken clock economics is unbound and unshackled here. Barron’s is overrated by a magnitude of 100.

    I wouldn’t accept a subscription for free. It would just be more litter to recycle.

  3. michael schumacher commented on Jan 31

    The jobs #’s must really suck as we just got the assisted whoosh on the SPY….

    I guess it’s ok to hijack the market and push it up when you know the news for the next day already.

    I simply am aghast that no one tries to do anything about it. They simply just spout something about momo and then if they made money sort of forget about the blatant manipulation that is going on. Just as the thousands of Apple shareholders found nothing wrong with Jobs’ backdating simply because they were enriched themselves. Pretty funny that all those shareholders are now demanding a stock buyback program and all they got from God (SJ) was “hang in there”


  4. Jim Haywood commented on Jan 31

    Barron’s cover is usually a good fade. Unfortunately, these examples include both a bull and a bear, which signifies fence-sitting.

    Translation: “The” Bottom is not in.

  5. Thomas Pindelski commented on Jan 31

    There is actually one good reason to buy Barrons – Alan Abelson’s wonderful writing.

  6. Jay Weinstein commented on Jan 31

    As Executive Director of BABBLE, {Bulls And Bears in Barron’s Look Endangered] , then I must heartily protest the horrible violence being perpetrated on the cover of this newspaper.

    My organization, however, would not object to Kudlow and Cramer strangling each other in real life. The Pay Per View revenues would be awesome for that!

  7. RM commented on Jan 31

    cinefoz said:

    “Barron’s is overrated by a magnitude of 100.”

    I went through the same process once upon a time, and I agree.

    Now I use them as a sentiment measure. Last spring and into early summer, when stocks were recommended in Barron’s they would pop big on Monday. Market participants were craving momentum/growth/speculative issues. I wasn’t around for the tech bubble, but I’m sure this was the same at the end of that mania.

  8. tim commented on Jan 31

    My children read Barron’s and now they are developing violent tendencies.

  9. Pat Gorup commented on Jan 31

    You know, when everything is going well in the markets you don’t see drawings of bears whacking bulls. What’s the problem?

    These “downturns” are part of the cycle and create great buying opportunities after they’ve run their course.

  10. Sam Jacob commented on Jan 31

    I subscribe to barrons and can be a good read with a lot of info. I like Santoli and Kopin Tan’s articles. Barrons is another way to get informed about the market.
    Don’t know whether you can make money by subscribing to barrons. for that i use technical analysis.

  11. Reynold Weidenaar commented on Jan 31

    “Alan Abelson’s wonderful writing”??? Only to those who fancy arch, elliptical, smirky, look-at-my-vocabulary essays. He writes like a precocious 13-year-old who has just discovered Roget’s Thesaurus.

  12. Justin commented on Jan 31

    Great pics. If the dam government would stop interupting the markets we’d be at 10,000 dow where it belongs!

  13. E commented on Jan 31

    As much as I want to agree with cinefoz, I can’t – I would accept a free Barron’s subscription if it came with a duffel bag and a desk clock.

  14. Finance Monk commented on Jan 31

    E said:

    As much as I want to agree with cinefoz, I can’t – I would accept a free Barron’s subscription if it came with a duffel bag and a desk clock.


    Throw in a blackberry and a telephone book and you’re all set up for a career in Financial Advisory. :)

  15. Bob A commented on Jan 31

    when it’s recycled it makes great shopping bags.

  16. pj commented on Jan 31

    E said:

    As much as I want to agree with cinefoz, I can’t – I would accept a free Barron’s subscription if it came with a duffel bag and a desk clock.

    While you are at it, why not ask for a swimsuit issue? But then again, I’m not sure we want to see 60-year-old money managers in swimsuits…

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