What Big Picture Visitors are Reading/Buying

Speaking of Trust: If you clicked through to AMZN from here, and bought
something, there’s a record of it that both Amazon and I have access

I don’t know who bought what, I only know what was bought. (Capiche?)   

Here are the books the readers of The Big Picture bought from Amazon (AMZN) in December:


Starting from the 1 o’clock position, and going clockwise:


Inside the Investor’s Brain  12.1%
Spy Wars 6.4%
30,000 Years of Art  5.7%
Super Crunchers:   5.7%
A Demon of Our Own Design 5.1%
The Black Swan    4.4%
Forces for Good:     4%
World Atlas of Wine   4%
Number Sense    4%
The Daring Book for Girls  3.7%
A Bull in China        3.4%
Big History    3.4%
The Panic of 1907:      3.4%
All the Money in the World        3%
Four Hour Work Week          3%
Complete TurtleTrader       3%
The Dangerous Book for Boys   3%
Florilegium Imperiale        2.7%
Musicophilia:  2.4%
Contours of the World Economy 1-2030 AD   2.4%
Wikinomics    2.4%
Behavioural Investing    2.0%
Financial Armageddon    2.0%
Military Power    2.0%
More Than You Know    1.7%
Stock Market Wizards    1.7%
NYT Almanac 2008    1.7%
The Stuff of Thought    1.7%
Your Money and Your Brain    1.7%




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  1. Bob A commented on Jan 5

    “if you offer it for sale… they will buy”
    Very interesting. How ’bout the music stuff?

  2. russell120 commented on Jan 5

    Yes, what about the music. Not being particularly knowledgeable in the area, I generally pay more attention to your music selections.

  3. Jason G. commented on Jan 6

    What about those of us who read/buy/own several of those books, but didn’t use the links here… obviously you can’t count us with Amazon’s tools, but did we not participate? Is that the real cost of Trust?

    By the way, the best book on your list for non-professionals in the right column of your sight (IMHO) is Unexpected Returns by Ed Easterling. It didn’t make the list above, which (I hope) means that many people have already read it…

  4. dano commented on Jan 6

    lovin’ that “Demon of Our Own Design”

    also have read “Financial Armageddon”

    like the first better…

  5. Philippe commented on Jan 6

    Interesting statistics as it seems not much trust was given in a combination of « Money and brain » my brain understands perfectly this outcome.

  6. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jan 6

    I only have access to this data — but you’ve given me a good idea — maybe I will do a full survey re: music, film, DVDs, games, etc.

    Good idea . . .

  7. Jbh commented on Jan 6

    this is a cool result. Any chance you would share the volume or % (volume / visitors)? Those figures kind of quantify “trust” into a metric, and could be expressed over time

  8. Ed commented on Jan 6

    my fav of the past year is definitely “An American Hedge Fund”

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