Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

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  1. Eric Blood Axe commented on Feb 26

    Onion has forecast the future, before. You may as well get used to the idea of McCain as Prez.

  2. Greg0658 commented on Feb 26

    darn apprentice programers – should have took it offline before adding in Nader
    good one thanks for the laugh

  3. scorpio commented on Feb 26

    wont be half as funny when it happens again

  4. Rob Dawg commented on Feb 26

    Kenniworth? Isn’t his real name Kennebunk?

  5. Ross commented on Feb 26

    Those Diebold machines made in China?

  6. Steve commented on Feb 26

    Canton Ohio

    and it’s pronounced Dee bold,,, not Die bold

  7. daniel commented on Feb 26

    it will be interesting…

    in 2004 diebold and friends stole ohio and florida,

    (remember the exit poll…, “we don’t know what happened…”, “that never happened, such a big mistake in the exit poll”…. remember?

    if it doesn’t upset your life too much…

    you might want to read the black box voting free ebook on this website http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

    in 2004, i had a blast following the so called “democratic” elections, already knowing the results in advance…

  8. Ross commented on Feb 26

    Calm down, Steve. Diebold is a good company and I know how to pronounce it. But speaking of not knowing how to pronounce a company name, one of the of the crew on Fast Money, Guy somebody, was recommending Bucyrus Intl. He called it BUKE RUS. Obviously he doesn’t know Buck Erie (Old timer’s moniker). Beware of those who cannot pronounce the names of companies they recommend.

  9. Kib commented on Feb 26

    Did our shadowy overlords ensure Nader got 0.38% again?

  10. Douglas Watts commented on Feb 27

    “He was going to get my meaningless vote anyways … ”


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