Friday Night Jazz Sarah Silverman

I know, its not Miles. But this was so frickin’ hilarious that I had no choice — I had to make this my Friday night entertainment!

Enjoy your evenings!

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  1. John commented on Feb 1

    OMG that is hilarious!

  2. college kid Ted commented on Feb 1

    I generally find her annoying and rarely funny, but that… that was downright hilarious.

  3. SINGER commented on Feb 1

    its all about the hip hop interlude…Damon is married right???

  4. jpl commented on Feb 1

    Singer, The video was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night. Sarah Silvermans is a long time girl friend of Kimmel and Damon is married.

  5. lifeintimatesart commented on Feb 1


    that’s exactly how my wife broke up with me except she was boink@#& the local high school janitor. but the video i saw was almost just the same. YIKES shhheeeesssshhh

    it’s ok though cause my lawyer got me the house and all the IRA because one of the High School security cams caught it all…and, you know the principals secretary is kinda sweet to me (if ya know want i mean)

  6. DIS commented on Feb 1

    too funny . . .

  7. ilsm commented on Feb 1


    Mine was boinking with a security guard, best thing ever happened……….

    Thank God, and grayhound she’s ……..

  8. Dave commented on Feb 1


    I just read your comment and laughed my butt off for about ten minutes… thanks.

  9. Groty commented on Feb 1

    Thanks for the pukefest. Puking is healthy, right?

  10. Andy Tabbo commented on Feb 1

    I think she’s pretty damn funny. Matt Damon is much funnier than I ever thot he could be. Sort of reminds me of the dick in the box with timberlake on SNL….saying something really outrageous with a straight face. luv it.

  11. Richard Thompson commented on Feb 1

    Truth be told, Sarah and Jimmy are a better match. I’ve been a Silverman fan since she started out on SNL back in the nineties. Love her show on Comedy Central, and her sister, Laura? Now, that girl is smokin’!

  12. Street Creds commented on Feb 2

    Hey Texas Hippie that was hilarious. Good Work.

  13. Fred commented on Feb 2

    Wow… It’s been a long time since I snorted food out of my nose.

  14. Helicopter Ben commented on Feb 2

    Har Har Har

    The bald bearded one found that funny

    Har Har Har

    But I can make it funnier

    “I’m cutting the fed rate/ I’m cutting the fed rate/ On a Monday / On a Tuesday/ On a Thursday/ Down to zero/ I’m cutting the fed rate”

    Har Har Har

  15. Ricky M. commented on Feb 2

    @&%#!% bastard! He told me I was the only one “f…..g” Matt Damon.

  16. Movie Guy commented on Feb 3

    Fuckin’ A, Bubba.


  17. Dina Bass commented on Feb 4

    Behind Matt Damon’s Raunchy Payback to Jimmy Kimmel

    Just call it payback time for Matt Damon.

    PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive became an instant YouTube sensation on Friday following his duet with comedian Sarah Silverman, as she revealed to her boyfriend, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m f—ing Matt Damon.”

    The line was an instant classic. But for many Kimmel fans, the video was just the latest salvo in the long-running “feud” between Damon and Kimmel. It all started during the third season of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, when the host made a tradition of closing out episodes with, “Apologies to Matt Damon, but we ran out of time,” even though the actor was never scheduled to come on the show.

    The joke continued in September 2006 when Damon finally appeared as a guest. (See the clip.) After a segment which explained the gag – and a lengthy introduction by Kimmel – Damon sat down, only to have the host cut him off and end the show. As planned, the actor unleashed a flurry of curse words on Kimmel and proceeded to storm off the set. His performance was so believable, many fans thought he was truly upset.

    The gag continued into 2007, employing Kimmel’s sidekick, Guillermo – once while interviewing Damon on the red carpet at the Oceans 13 premiere, and again when the show premiered the “unofficial” trailer for Damon’s film, The Bourne Ultimatum.

    ‘His Turn to Get Jimmy’
    Producers at Kimmel approached Damon this past October to appear on the show for the host’s 40th birthday celebration but he opted to keep the joke running.

    As for creating the video, “I don’t even think he thought twice about it,” his rep tells PEOPLE. “He just said, ‘I’ll do it.'”

    Damon shot the video with Silverman at the end of October in Miami. “He had so much fun,” his rep adds. “It was his turn to get Jimmy.”

  18. ef commented on Feb 4

    Jimmel Kimmel and Craig Ferguson have the best Late Night shows. Thanks to technology we can watch both. “Sorry to Matt Damon. Not enough time…”, has been a long running gag on the Kimmel show, and this was brilliant! I do have to pretend Kimmel never did the Man Show or Win Ben Stein’s Money. Sarah Silverman is awesome.

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