I’m Optimistic . . .


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  1. MarkM commented on Feb 12

    You are up WAY too early. I have insomnia as my excuse.

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Feb 12

    Nah — I scheduled this last week to launch at 4:30am . . .

  3. ken h commented on Feb 12


    Take a look at the optimistic news at CNBC web site on GM.

    That is some spin. My sources say they are taking the biggest loss of an automaker….ever…38.7 billion in 2007.

    Big time buy outs too.

    Hey but futures are up on the news…whoo hoo!

  4. ken h commented on Feb 12

    Oh, wait not so optimistic on GM.

    Now it’s Buffet…Whoo Hooo,……wait….look a little closer….he is not buying the crap people.

    Total bullshit!

  5. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Feb 12

    Isn’t it funny? Most readers here know Buffett only wants the Muni bonds portion of the bond insurers. Yet they act like he is their savior. What’s even more amazing is that one firm(according to the report) has already told him no.

  6. edhopper commented on Feb 12

    When the “future historians” (as Bush puts it) write about what makes him the worse President ever. I think the economy will play a major roll. Though, of course, number two behind Iraq.

  7. Todd commented on Feb 12

    This reminds me of earlier in his presidency when he would give cheerleading speeches about the economy, you could watch the markets tumble a bit by watching the ticker tape at the bottom of the television screen.

    What has Bush proven himself to know about anything? Yes, he will be remembered as one of the worst presidents. He even botched the war he wanted so badly.

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