Indexed I have been totally loving this little book by Jessica Hagy called Indexed:

With a few deft lines, she manages to communicate a whole lot more information then you would imagine possible, in quite an amusing and witty way.

Some of her stuff comes dangerously close to chart porn.

I posted a few more examples after the jump.

Golden parachutes make for wild rides.Card1128


Great stuff . . .

Sample Index Cards:

An Alanis kind of irony.


Are we unbalanced?

Work or play?



Yes, there will be a test.

How’s life on your island?


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  1. KirkH commented on Feb 27

    Barry, if you enjoy this you’ll also like XKCD, probably the most popular online web cartoon for nerds right now.

  2. Dave commented on Feb 27

    lol very nice

  3. Barry Ritholtz commented on Feb 28

    I am familiar with XKCD — but its a totally different approach than indexed . . .

  4. polloix virdis commented on Feb 28

    I am half-amazed, half-amused, half-dissapointed (yeah, I know it’s three halfs) that this is the sum of the responses. These are perhaps too close to home? What you posted was great, her blog has a treasure trove of hilarity/irony. Check the “Booze” category.

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