Online Ad Revs: $21B !

I gotta get me some of this:

Online advertising revenues exceeded $21 billion for the first time in 2007, though preliminary data compiled by an industry trade group also suggest growth is slowing. The Interactive Advertising Bureau said its estimates show ad revenue grew 25% last year from nearly $17 billion in 2006. In dollar amounts, the estimated gain was $4.2 billion — less than the 35% and $4.3 billion growth seen in 2006 from 2005. Analysts have said the growth rate was bound to slow as the Internet commands a larger share of the advertising pie, taking dollars away from traditional media like newspapers.

That’s the last straw!

Expect to see a survey here tomorrow asking you for your age, income, social security number, ATM PIN #, and sexual orientation. Nothing too personal, just some demographic info . . .


Online Ad Revenues Topped $21 Billion in ’07
Associated Press
WSJ, February 26, 2008; Page B4

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  1. ottnott commented on Feb 26

    If I give you my FICO score, will you lend me $800,000 to buy a home worth $510,000?

  2. me commented on Feb 26

    Meanwhile, Hollywood’s behind-the-times and so-not-hip-but-think-they-are entertainment producers just gave tv viewers a long drawn out writers strike because they keep insisting there isn’t any money to be made online. Um. Yeah. Sure.

  3. WebBuBBler commented on Feb 26

    While we’re on the subject…..doggone Barry – do you really need the money that bad?

    Your page is 215k and you have so many external ad calls….you’re borderline for what not to do in usability.

    Maybe browse around here a little while –


    BR: Totally agree – most of its typepad, but I have the site laden with too much crap.

    The next redesign is going to be SWEEET! Much cleaner — about 60 days away from launch . . .

  4. Dave commented on Feb 26

    Take all the ad revenues being spent everywhere on any kind of media and make a ratio to media content consumed. The price over time is going down, not just a little but a lot. Deflation has gripped media as a giant vertical since the dot com boom began.
    Sumner Redstone decries people who steal his content. He’s right on one level but on the level of basic economics his prices are out of whack with the market and so stealing becomes a viable strategy. When prices are in synch with a market (the market is functioning efficiently) then participants do not need to steal. (skipping over the China issues for now) the real point is that the revenues from media on a per use basis will go down for years to come until we reach major support….and that should be a long way from now in both time and price. The FCC blinded us all to the real value of media content. The internet is teaching us what it really is. Start with good blogging and the number of channel went through the roof. It’s a buyers market.

  5. Ope Juan Karaoke commented on Feb 26

    Ope Juan Karaoke

    SS# won

    Fica green and leafy

    Sexual orientation Baaa

    ATM# BR-549

  6. Sekar commented on Feb 26

    But did you see GOOG’s drop today ? I’m going to go out on a limb and say online ad revenues will slow as the economy slows. Maybe there is no causal or correlative effect between consumer spending and online advertising and its more a function of credit availability ? Nahhh..that couldn’t be.

  7. rickyny commented on Feb 26

    here you go:

    age: still too young
    income: still not rich enough
    SSN: is there social security in the US?
    ATM PIN: I’ll ask my wife
    Sexual Orientation: rare

  8. bobn commented on Feb 26

    “sexual orientation?”

    Upside down. No, wait, that’s my mortgage…..

  9. Gregory Dursteler commented on Feb 26

    I have to say overall I love the current design of the blog, and made me throw up a little in my mouth. I mean, really? How artistically bankrupt do you have to be to find that site aesthetically pleasing?

  10. bobn commented on Feb 26

    The next redesign is going to be SWEEET!

    Now you’re channeling Casey Serin? All his web tools are “sweet”, too.

    Oh, wait, Casey Serin IS a web tool.

  11. wally commented on Feb 26

    I’ve been trying to transfer money directly to your PayPal account, but it does not seem to be accepting it. If you could just email your account name and password…

  12. spiny mcdob commented on Feb 26

    my sexual orientation is currently pointing north….?

  13. richard leite commented on Feb 26

    You first Barry, you first…


    I did the first one it last night as a test.

  14. Steve commented on Feb 26

    Just make sure you are like…

    Don’t include a logoff button.

    Go on Amazon and find one!


    BR: There are 2 ways to log off:

    Top line: HELLO JOHN SMITH We have recommendations for you. (Not John?)

    click “Not John?” and that logs you out.

    Or, click “your account”

    Hello, John Smith (If you’re not John Smith, click here.)

  15. dr paul commented on Feb 26

    Barry – set up a tip jar and forget these stupid, cumbersome ad ideas. You think it’s cool Radiohead puts a CD online with pay what you want for it idea – what’s the matter with at least trying it for a while with the blog??

    While we’re at it, you did the deal with the Economist, which you said was big bucks, but it was in a single post. Why not put that in the sidebar?

    For what it is worth, I have a limited number of mutual funds, make a half dozen trades a year, and I’d consider donating through a tip jar because your blog has value to me. But I’m not giving you info, I’m deleting my cookies regularly and will not be cooperating with most advertising BS.

  16. Jeff Martin commented on Feb 26

    say no to adding more ads and just focus on what you’re doing. People will see and get turned off if you commercialize your blog more than it is now. Blogs in nature are more “family” style, rather than “business” style. Lose the community feel, and your revamp will be counter productive. Your current blog is easy to use, organized well…nothing drastic is needed in your revamp in my humble opinion. Or, if you must do a revamp, take a survey of your current users and see what they want.

    Jeff Martin
    Sales Driven Marketing LLC, CEO

  17. Don commented on Feb 26

    Barry, I love the blog, and wouldn’t care a bit if I was required to disclose personal info to get in and chat and learn all the free stuff I get to learn.

    I mean seriously, you are giving all this info away–insights on the market, human behavior, etc.–that is very valuable. I already bought two books on your recommended list(Financial Armageddon and A Demon of our Own Design)–because they were recommended by The Big Picture. If Oprah makes a killing recommending books, you ought to be getting a slice, too.

    The Big Picture is one of the best places I know to go and get an education in clear-eyed rational thinking. If I had to pay for it by telling more about myself–that’s fine.

    So long as you won’t tell cinefoz.

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