Ridiculous Price: 7.2MP Digital Camera

Casio Exilim EX-Z75 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Anti Shake Optical Zoom

I have the pre-predecessor to this camera: The Casio EX-Z50.  My camera is 5 megs (not 7), no video capture, no Anti-Shake DSP image stabilization, and cost about ~$300 three years ago. I have been very happy with it, so much so that I got the predecessor EX-70 for the missus for about $200 18 months ago.   

This one is wicked cheap: $134 at Amazon (w/free shipping)

Even better deal: If you are in NYC, J&R had an ad in today’s paper: $129!


Casio Exilim EX-Z75 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Anti Shake Optical Zoom

Go buy 3 or 4 and give them out to all your friends . . . 

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  1. dukeb commented on Feb 28

    Wow! I was looking for something to buy in bulk to blow my tax rebate! This is perfect!

  2. BCS commented on Feb 28

    “Deflation in things we want: Inflation in things we need.”

  3. Pat G. commented on Feb 28

    More importantly in your opinion how does the predecessor work? How good is Casio?

  4. KirkH commented on Feb 28

    I’m tellin ya’, they’re running out of expensive things to market. Imagine how cheap it’d be without inflation.

    The economy of the future will consist of the homeless using super hi-tech wireless gadgets to run travelling sales man algorithms on the best places to pan-handle.

    The rest of us will be working in the robot repair business… until the robots take that over.

  5. John Doe commented on Feb 28

    “The rest of us will be working in the robot repair business… until the robots take that over.”

    What would be wrong about a future like this? The robots produce all the stuff we need. We are going to make love, do sciences and art, or whatever we like to do best all day long.

  6. ef commented on Feb 28

    Isn’t it more absurd to buy something one doesn’t need, especially if they have a good, “efficient” camera that meets their current needs? The technology changes so fast, that it doesn’t pay to just buy. Wait until one has the need and then buy the new camera. This one will be a dinosaur by then ;-)

  7. k2163 commented on Feb 28

    High fixed cost, low marginal cost.

    Build a million units and get cheap.

  8. Barry Ritholtz commented on Feb 28

    I’m very happy with my camera — I would replace it, but 3 years later, it still works great.

    As cheap as the new EX-Z75 is, I cannot rationalize buying a new one.

    And yet, I am tempted . . .

  9. David commented on Feb 28

    Barry, great blog,
    That’s a Ridiculous Price, is a Boggart.

  10. Shane Pearman commented on Feb 28

    More megapixels does not mean a better camera. 7.2 MP is about 3200×2250. For comparison 1024√ó768 is the average desktop resolution for your average computer user, which is 0.8 MP! That means a 0.8 MP camera could take a photo that filled your entire monitor. Of course if you’re making prints it makes a difference. But the fact remains, MegaPixels just measures the NUMBER of sensors a camera has, not their sensitivity, contrast etc.

  11. KirkH commented on Feb 29

    John Doe. The future doesn’t scare me. The transition to the future scares me.

  12. mndean commented on Feb 29

    I’ve had two digicams in the past 5 years, the first died after a year and a half of light use, the second died after a year of VERY light use. I have film cameras that are over 70 years old that I can still buy film for and more importantly, still work. Lemme know when digital gets reliable enough to have a working one for ten years, then I’ll be interested in buying another.

  13. Max commented on Feb 29

    Large pixel count, more than 8 mp, is useless on compact cameras, because their cheap optics does not allow decent resolution anyway, and since the individual pixels get smaller as there is more of them crammed onto a very small sensor, it hurts the signal-to-noise ratio.

  14. Bluzer commented on Feb 29


    Where’d you get the part about free shipping? This camera is sold by 6th Ave via Amazon. These arrangements almost never have free shipping. And Amazon does not indicate otherwise

  15. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Feb 29

    Barry, it’s inflation at work. NOT! As I have repeatedly said, we are seeing inflation in things we need, and deflation in things we formally wanted. The shite’ on eBay upcoming will be something to see.

  16. steve commented on Feb 29

    thanks for the tip barry,

    I needed a present for my girlfriend’s upcoming birthday and she has been wanting a camera…

    You can buy via j&r on the web, got an extra 1g mem card too and with shipping it came out to 144.93 TOTAL.

  17. jswede commented on Feb 29

    I have the Casio predecessor as well. I broke it – well, not completely, but I had something in the way when I turned it on and the lens extended out. The “telescoping” of the lens was obstructed and it clicked as it apparently skipped a gear in the telescoping mechanism, if you follow, and now takes ever so slightly blurry pictures.

    No problem, right? Except when I tried to find an AUTHORIZED repair shop. There are all of TWO in the world – both in Asia – and it was going to cost 3x the cost of the camera to get fixed.

    I bought a Kodak 12mp (which also takes HD movies) this xmas b/c I know that I will have support if somethign goes awry. Casio isn’t a camera company.

  18. Steve C commented on Feb 29

    My experiences have been quite different than mndean had as far as longevity of digicams. I’ve had a Sony for 7 yrs, still works perfectly, although large as a brick. So now I’ve used a Canon SD200 for the last 3.5 yrs with no problems. This has 3 MP, but produces great 8X10″ prints, but of course very little cropping is allowed.

  19. Giglish commented on Feb 29

    Quick comment on Casio cameras (I have the predecessor Casio EX-Z60)

    The best thing about these cameras is their size – think small and convenient. They take good (not great) photos and you end up using it a lot more often since its so easy to take it with you. The video capture for short clips is surprisingly good.

    I normally also take my Canon dSLR along for vacations and other occasions when I don’t mind lugging a larger camera.

  20. Madame X commented on Feb 29

    I have a much earlier Exilim model that I’ve been thinking of replacing– today might be the day! Thanks for the tip!

  21. Ritchie commented on Feb 29

    Barry: “As cheap as the new EX-Z75 is…”

    One other factor to consider is the memory card that comes with the camera. You could end up spending almost as much for a 2GB card–unless it comes with a card that size, in which case it is an incredible deal! Buy several for your children, nieces and nephews. Also, does it use rechareable batteries or nons–that can add up.

  22. Finance Monk commented on Feb 29

    Does it come with that nifty wireless USB port, so you don’t even have to plug it in to the computer?

  23. BelowTheCrowd commented on Mar 1

    For just a few bucks more, you could also get the EX-Z77, which seems to be pretty much the same camera plus a new “straight to YouTube” software feature for video. If you want a color other than silver, the EX-Z77 actually ends up being cheaper!

    It’s a nice little camera. My old “compact” camera is a bit long in the tooth these days. Incredibly compact, but the screen is almost too small to be useful and has no zoom. This one could be the excuse to upgrade.

    Also, the Casios have nice waterproof housings available for those of you who (like me) need something to take on the river, in the pool, and skiing in the snow…


  24. Richard Creasi commented on Mar 1

    The human eye cannot resolve more than about 270 dpi. For an 12″ by 8″ photo (35 mm aspect ratio is 3:2) that translates to 7 megapixels (3240 x 2160) so that is all the resolution a consumer would ever need. Although eventually I see computer monitors capable of 3840 x 2160 (for 2160p video) so that would take about 8.3 megapixels to fill a computer screen.

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