UK House Price Crash

For our UK and European readers: Here’s a cute flash based movie out of the UK by Chris Parker: Vocation Vocation Vocation

click for video


The author writes: "This movie is dedicated to Kirstie Allsop of Channel 4’s "Location, Location, Location."  I would love to get more color on this spat . . .

Vocation Vocation Vocation

House Price Crash UK

Kirstie Allsopp and the Tories

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  1. Abi commented on Feb 29

    Better late than never. Barry, thats been floating around since 2005 (see the dates in the clips) when we had a mini dip. The BOE cut rates quickly and inflated it some more, but it looks like prices peaked Q1 2007.

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Feb 29

    I just stumbled upon it via random click yesterday.

    I’d love to know became of Kirstie Allsop’s boast, and if he was ever taken to task for it. Reminds me of David Seiders, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, who was widely disparaged for his absurd forecasts for US Housing . . .

  3. Diarmuid commented on Feb 29

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for the post. I think the UK house market is lagging behind the US, but is set for a similar fate to what the US housing market is currently experiencing.

    I was wondering if you were going to touch on the UK housing market. Although you are US-based and focused maybe you can continue to post on the UK housing situation also.


  4. jck commented on Feb 29

    uk housing prices are up about 15% since that video was made.

  5. Pat G. commented on Feb 29

    I guess it is only logical that everyone is going to join our party eventually.

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