Bear on eBay

Via my pal Kevin DePew, comes this for your evening amusement:

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via Minyanville

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  1. Pool Shark commented on Mar 18

    Yeah, this may sound like a good deal, but what’s the postage going to cost to ship that $1.4 billion $1.1 billion building to California?

  2. scorpio commented on Mar 18

    the folks at BSC (and here i’m not talking about the bridge-playing Caynes or the culpable mortgage-backed Spector, but the many many folks who worked hard for many years and didnt obviously try to screw their fellow man every morning of the week) must be shaking their heads today as similarly levered I-banks escape w higher prices and a glimmer of a future. unbelievable

  3. Russ Wood commented on Mar 18

    Very funny.

    But on a serious note, BR, how long before someone successfully sells shares of a publicly traded company via eBay or other online auction? The end-around the SEC would also seem to skip the investment bank and wirehouse bullshit.

  4. AGG commented on Mar 18

    Russ Wood,
    The SEC doesn’t police the market; it polices the potential competiton by making it illegal to broker securities unless you are a broker. In theory, the mafia or someone in Vegas could give daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly odds on all the stocks and have bookies take bets with a lower commission to boot. Hell, I don’t know. Maybe this kind of under the table stuff goes on all the time. As long as someone wants to play Bank, has some cash and a live feed of stock prices, they’d run until the law caught them.

  5. h2odragon commented on Mar 19

    how long before someone successfully sells shares of a publicly traded company via eBay?

    ebay doesn’t allow shares or several other types of merchandise to be auctioned via their site. Wouldn’t say it couldn’t happen: they have too many listings to patrol them all, but they have certainly shown a willingness to pull auctions that “looked funny” even when they were popular and honest.

    The feedback on this one should be good… “Seller sent toxic waste instead of financial assets; would not buy again”

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