The Secret Formula for Blogs

Hardly a secret, and not exactly a formula, but fun stuff nonetheless:


Goddamned, I look huge. The diet starts yesterday.

Thanks for all the kind words, Aaron.


Barry Ritholtz’s Secret Formula for Blogs   
 Aaron Task
Tech Ticker, Mar 28, 2008 07:30am EDT’s-Secret-Formula-for-Blogs

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  1. Aaron Task commented on Mar 28

    Thank you, Barry! It was great having you “Tech Ticker” and I look fwd to more.

  2. Aaron Task commented on Mar 28

    PS: re. “Secret Formula”, I just wanted to use the Plankton thumbnail.

  3. wally commented on Mar 28

    Maybe a wider tie… or one with vertical stripes. And remember, the camera adds at least 10 pounds…


  4. zoltar commented on Mar 28

    You must have been something before electricity, or in alternative

    You have a face for radio

  5. MitchN commented on Mar 28

    Talk about inept financial reporting — check out this little beauty from CNBC:

    After An Ugly First Quarter, Stocks Are Hoping to Party

    I love the money quote:

    “The markets have felt like a many-footed monster with lots of dropping shoes, and Bear Stearns was the last major shoe to drop,” says Diane de Vries Ashley, managing partner at Zenith Capital Partners.

    Ah…not quite Diane. Bear was the first shoe to drop, not the last.

  6. edhopper commented on Mar 28

    Though the camera does add a few pounds, cheesecake does as well. :-)

  7. MarkM commented on Mar 28

    Think of how svelte you would have looked in The Sweater!

  8. mo commented on Mar 28

    OOOh baby – that Barry is HOT !!!!!

    I could look at him all afternoon.

    As a girl, I feel compelled to post a gratuitous comment regarding Barry’s appearance ……

    Yeah – I know – it’s just like a girl to ruin all your fun.

    Regardless – I do enjoy listening and watching Barry – I find his sincerity, enthusiasm and “regular guy-ness” to be “cute”.

    Congratulations on your success – know that when I hear you on Bloomberg radio I’m in the backround cheering you on.

  9. bad home cook commented on Mar 28

    “Irritatingly prolific.”
    I said it first.
    Congrats, Barry! I really don’t know how you do it all.

  10. Todd commented on Mar 28

    Barry, thanks for all of your insight. Much better than the vast majority of the drivel out there – hope the site makes you a fortune.

  11. Fred commented on Mar 28

    Prosperity looks good on you.

  12. kk commented on Mar 28


    6 meals per day, 350 calories each, about 200 grams of protein, no booze. 5-6 days per week excercise, high intensity cardio and some weight training. That should be worth about 1.5-2.0 lbs. per week.

    Or you could just go with a vertical striped shirt & tie.

  13. Francois commented on Mar 28

    Great interview Barry.

    I wanted to comment on your comment about the mid section volume but typepad antispam filter has a big problem with it.

    I also have a huge problem with automated thought police. The things I would do to those who program these things…

  14. Grodge commented on Mar 29

    Skinny people cannot be trusted.

    You look great.

  15. DavidB commented on Mar 29

    weight loss tricks I’ve learned.

    It takes 20 minutes for our brain to register we’ve eaten. The appetite killing appetizer salad truly is a work genius.

    Eat a cookie 20 minutes before you start dinner to regulate your appetite. I always wondered why my mom never ate much when we had a big meal. It was because she was tasting the food and sampling. It was killing her appetite

    Every 3 to 4 hours our blood sugar crashes and the brain starts screaming at you to feed it NOW! Eat a piece of fruit every few hours throughout the day and drink bottled water throughout the work day. Most appetite cravings are cravings for water

    Our body has three main cravings. Protein, fats and sugars. Omega 3 fats are a main component of our fat cravings. We will over eat bad fats to satisfy our cravings for omega 3s.

    Of our three meals it is said we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like nobleman and dinner like a peasant. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you use the 20 minute trick above and combine it with BK being your biggest meal you should moderate your biggest meal.

    A piece of fruit the minute you get out of bed will help your crashed blood sugar when you get out of bed. I also keep a few pieces of dark chocolate by the bed if I wake up in the middle of the night(a sweet fruit drink also works quite well. I find if I blend up whole strawberries, blueberries and peeled oranges with some water you can make a super-nutrient drink for the middle of the night that you body will thank you for). It helps to keep the blood sugar up and you will thus not be so hungry in the morning

    This doesn’t keep me super thin but it does regulate my weight and I never have a screaming appetite

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