Why Australia is Insulated From US Sub-Prime Woes

Since its the last day of the trading week, how about a little humor from down under?


Clarke and Dawe: the comic duo you can bank on
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Clarke and Dawe: the comic duo you can bank on
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 14/03/2008

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  1. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Mar 20

    Humor Barry, that’s what I need today…along with a couple of bottle of pinot! Have a good holiday weekend ya-all!

  2. Drew commented on Mar 20

    Good example of kiwi humour.

  3. Pam commented on Mar 20


    But reality only wins some time.

  4. Jack commented on Mar 20


    Ah, no, its an Australian show. Same thing to you guys right :)

  5. andy in nz commented on Mar 20

    Ok, one of our best exports….

    ‘Every person that migrates from NZ to Aussie raises the IQ of both countries’

    Sir Robert Muldoon, Prime Minister of New Zealand.

  6. BoozeKrooz commented on Mar 20

    Am I crazy or is Dylan Ratigan drunk right now on Fast Money?

  7. Drew commented on Mar 20

    John Clarke moved to Australia from New Zealand because he gained WAY more material to work with when he did.

    Why wasn’t Jesus born in Australia?…

  8. Mark commented on Mar 20

    Similar the “It’s Credit and it’s Crunchy” This skit by the Long Longs is practically clairvoyant. They mention Bear Sterns by name and foretell the recent Fed moves. It’s tragic as it is funny.


  9. Leisal commented on Mar 21

    What a delightful diversion these videos. I love British humor (makes up for the food!)

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