BP World Traffic

Here’s an interesting map of BP traffic via Google Analytics:


And the top 25 cities:

#2, "Not set" is likely AOL users.

Alameda is # 20? Really?

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  1. Albert commented on Apr 23

    am i the only one from vienna, austria, europe (ok, u knew about vienna beeing in austria beeing in europe a.s.o what about a waltz?)

  2. Ross commented on Apr 23

    Singapore? That’s Jimmy Roger’s fan club.

    Dallas #25? I want a recount.

    Moscow? An Americanski schpion? (me ;-()

    I’m supprised our role model, Zimbabwe, had no hits.

    Congrats as always.

  3. Simon commented on Apr 23

    Hi There! …thats me….down in the lower right hand corner next to Australia…yaaaa! Go New Zealand.

  4. Grodge commented on Apr 23

    No Kalamazoo!!!????

    OK, I only log on a couple times a day… I’ll have to increase the hits.

  5. mdcphilly commented on Apr 23

    Is this by county or metropolitan area? I’d think Philadelphia and it’s surrounding counties would be in the top twenty. Look too me like the numbers favor larger counties out west that incorporated later.

  6. Solon in CA commented on Apr 23

    Alameda, as in the city next to Oakland? I suppose it could be a tech hub.

  7. dave commented on Apr 23

    Alameda and San Francisco are probably aggregation points for the East Bay and the Valley respectively. I read you regularly from both San Mateo (where I work) and San Francisco (where I live), but I don’t see anything Valley-related anywhere on your list. Unless all the locations between San Mateo and San Jose are counted separately, in which case you need a new counter.

  8. SINGER commented on Apr 23

    Dude, AFRICA, is not feeling you!!!

  9. Eddy Elfenbein commented on Apr 23

    Alameda is #44 for me. (But way, way fewer hits than you.)

  10. mat commented on Apr 23

    hey,Paris France it would be me only ? noooo…

  11. Richard commented on Apr 23

    you can put new york and brooklyn traffic in the same bucket. it’s ok, really ;)

  12. Alex commented on Apr 23

    Las Vegas >=1. Great stuff, keep it up!

  13. shtove commented on Apr 23

    Baghad Green Zone is crying out for wisdom – surely they have a hub?

  14. mhm commented on Apr 23

    Firefox + NoScript – google-analytics.com = I’m not in the map!

    So, the totals are off by at least one.

  15. LaJollaLifer commented on Apr 23

    La Jolla, CA in @ #20?

    More hits than the entire San Diego MSA?

    Must be all those LPL folks east of I-5.

  16. LaJollaLifer commented on Apr 23


    La Jolla, CA in @ #16?

    More hits than the entire San Diego MSA?

    Must be all those LPL and Ameriprise folks east of I-5.

  17. BT commented on Apr 23

    Nobody in NY wants to be associated with Brooklyn , Queens , Bronx, Staten Island , Long Island or West Chester’s bridge-and-tunnel crowd ????

  18. Mich(^IXIC1881) commented on Apr 23

    Firefox + NoScript – google-analytics.com = I’m not in the map!
    Posted by: mhm | Apr 23, 2008 7:29:12 PM

    ditto here

  19. Scott Frew commented on Apr 23

    Dear Mr. Ritholtz, with glad greetings and kindly compliments, my good sir.

    I find myself today in Lagos, Nigeria, where each day I yearn for the keen investment insights and astute market judgments to be garnered only from a careful reading of the Big Picture, that most commodious of weblogs. Alas, since the death of my dear uncle, his funds are locked off from me, and my wireless network no longer functions. Please wire $15,000.00 in US funds (euros preferred, actually) to the bank information provided below, and I will again be able to receive your informations, and your Google adsense scores in Africa will “ramp to the moon” so to say. It is, truly, win-win.

    I thank you in advance, my goodly gentleman, and await with eagerness the receipt of your funds.

  20. Robert- commented on Apr 23

    Who’s the one spot in South America? Hugo Chavez reads your blog? …nice!

  21. andy in NZ commented on Apr 23

    woot! like Simaon sayz go New Zealand.

  22. Alejandro commented on Apr 23

    And that is me in Buenos Aires….cool stuff Barry.

  23. tranchefoot commented on Apr 23

    Representing Kings County here!

    Never forget the Great Mistake of 1898!

  24. Kassim commented on Apr 23

    ditto here – Representing JAMAICA! here 3 times a day!

    Firefox + NoScript – google-analytics.com = I’m not in the map!
    Posted by: mhm | Apr 23, 2008 7:29:12 PM

    ditto here

    Posted by: Mich(^IXIC1881) | Apr 23, 2008 7:57:14 PM

  25. Wade Black commented on Apr 23

    Brooklyn in da HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    big shout out to all my Brooklyn peeps…

  26. E commented on Apr 23

    Barry, what did you do to piss off the entire gulf coast?

  27. bugly commented on Apr 23

    Hey, don’t fergit Moose Pass, Alaska!

  28. Emmett commented on Apr 23

    frickin helarious!

  29. rpb commented on Apr 23

    University of Chicago here

  30. fiske silk commented on Apr 23

    I’m pretty happy with my fellow Austinites… definitely boxing above our weight in reading BP. I bet Dallas, San Antonio and Houston crush us on AmericanIdol.com, though.

  31. knowno commented on Apr 23


    Weston,FL should blow your mind at #24. No joke, I grew up there when the city was originally built in 1985.

    Originally, a heavily jewish suburb of Miami, has now turned into THE destination for well to do Venezuelans fleeing Chavez “socialization.”

    Regardless, South Florida loves you Barry. From Boca Raton to South Beach, we love sitting on the beach and checking out the big picture.

    viva la buena vida!!!

  32. Don commented on Apr 24

    It is interesting how world wide your readership is. Congratulations on that. As a whiny Canadian though, what’s up with Vancouver ranking in the top 25 (Pop 2.25M in the greater Vancouver area) and Toronto not even making the grade (Pop 5.5M in the greater Toronto area). I really hate to think my eastern compatriots are so provincial as to be missing out on such a great site! Way to go Vancouver in any case!


  33. Don commented on Apr 24

    Oh, and what’s up with Greenland? Africa? Siberia? Not a lick of sense between them, it would seem.

  34. ReductiMat commented on Apr 24

    I think I may make up a large portion of that Vancouver stat. I hit this site up many times a day.

    Thanks again, Barry.

  35. BT commented on Apr 24

    Where’s MS , Michael Schumacher ???

    He can explain to us how this map is characteristic of some sort of Fed manipulation , Repo induced cash infusion , Tin-Foil Hat rant

  36. ottnott commented on Apr 24

    La Jolla includes the reality-based (not to mention very-broad-banded) community at UCSD.

  37. mysterious eggs commented on Apr 24

    Alejandro, I thought the Buenos Aires hit was me, but I guess it isn’t a unique hit.

    Barry, you have five cities on three continents from me so don’t look too deep into the stats.

    Thanks for setting up this bizarro coffee house.

  38. Greg commented on Apr 24

    The Island of Hawai`i – on the Map!

  39. Jim commented on Apr 24

    Scott, did you have to go to school to learn how to write like a Lagosian gentleman?

    That is hysterical! Even that very un-Nigerian-sounding-to-me “actually” stuck in the parentheses about Euros is just too funny.

  40. Metroplexual commented on Apr 24

    Yeah, since when is Brooklyn a separate city from NYC. I mean the last time I saw it represented as different was in the opening credits of “Welcome Back Kotter” When it was the 4th largest city in America.

  41. anon commented on Apr 24

    austin, holla!

  42. Mike Nomad commented on Apr 24

    Re: Fiske Silk,

    Er, Houston is in @ #7, Austin is in @ #10.

    Don’t know how much American Idol traffic we generate, but, a lot of us Houstonians spend time at websites tracking the mis-management of water resources in Travis and surrounding counties.

    When ya’ll get going on your range war over dwindling natural resources, I’m sure the American Idol traffic here in Houston will drop off. There is nothing more entertaining than watching Class War going full-tilt boogie. The BMW & SUV set is going to lose, big-time.

  43. sargon TM commented on Apr 24


    East York and Weston are both parts of Toronto. They were separate in a two level government until about fifteen years ago.

    I have noticed in the past that a lot of the information Google uses is seriously outdated and don’t take tables like this very seriously.

    sargon TM

  44. Todd commented on Apr 24

    i’m in alameda, i check the site twice a day. … yes there are some tech companies here!

  45. pft commented on Apr 24

    Missed me in Taipei. Heh heh. Feeling free today. Nice to be under the radar.

  46. Juan commented on Apr 25

    Hello from Alameda! Keep up the good work.


  47. David commented on Apr 26

    Do all GA traffic maps look the same? Barry, your Analytics traffic distribution map looks just like mine…with far, far more visitors represented in each dot.

    By the way, some of you mentioned the lack of traffic in places like Africa, Greenland, Toronto.

    It’s very likely that BP attracts some visitors in Africa; it’s just that GA sometimes does not show visitors from certain cities on the world map (for whatever reason, maybe due to relatively small traffic numbers). You sometimes have to look at the nation map for the city to show up.

    Greenland is a funny one. I don’t think I’ve had a single visitor from the country yet. Toronto is another instance where people are likely to be reading, but the location might register as a nearby town/city such as Missisauga. I’ve noticed that this seems to be the case for most city areas (your connection might register from a nearby town or a different area altogether).

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