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You may have noticed that I run a bit of video a few days a week on the site, usually overnight.

As part of the redesign, I am setting up a tab for Video (hence, the slow loading video won’t impact the main page). As such, I have been compiling a list of Business-related Video for the update, and this is what I came up with. 

(Have I missed anything significant?)

Video Reports:

Financial Times (FT)





Business of Innovation





Yahoo Finance Tech Ticker TV

CNN Money

New York Times

BBC tv

Fox Business


60 Minutes

CNET Video


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  1. Chief Tomahawk commented on Apr 29

    Where is the link for the daily suntan report featuring the Swedish bikini team?

  2. Drewbert commented on Apr 29

    It’s not the video slowing down the page, it’s the link to the graphics at and feedlounge that take 5 minutes to finally load.

  3. VennData commented on Apr 29

    There was a post about the specialty DVD business a few days ago with all sorts of video links…

  4. Dec commented on Apr 30

    The page loads up alright apart from the feedlounge graphic. That took 50.49 seconds to load!

  5. ownputs commented on Apr 30

    How about having a separate page for all of your music posts and cd’s for sale? Not my taste and I think it detracts from the blog.

  6. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 30

    Thats kind of the goal in the new site.

    Part of the redesign is to make the main portion of the blog more focused.

    I think we will accomplish that by organizing the rest of the content.

  7. Greg0658 commented on Apr 30

    I can’t think of a page load for your review.
    I’m wondering what the Video Reports will be doing (more specifically).

    If it will be like a TV with channels to surf, I’d like to see a TV guide with subject, primary celebrity, total time of clip, and time available before deletion. The TV set should be a blank screen until a show is picked from the lineup. Purpose: unwanted downloads don’t happen.

  8. brion commented on Apr 30

    Hey Barry,

    Do you know about this guy Karl Denninger?

    He’s a (recently ex) Republican bear who runs a blog
    Financially astute. Politically dense. Eminently entertaining.
    He posts vids quite a bit

  9. Drewbert commented on Apr 30

    Karl had an epiphany recently. One day he was faxing stuff off to President Bush, hoping to be listened to, and then he figured out Bush was a major part of the problem.

  10. howard lindzon commented on Apr 30

    you so need a few porn links. i think Rick’s cabaret should launch a biz channel

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