Google: Search One Day Into The Future

Terrific new technology offering from the brainiacs at Google, allowing you to search precisely one day into the future.

Q: What about insider trading?
A: Let me search tomorrow’s Google news to find out!



A new Google program powered by artificial intelligence allows internet users to search web pages 24 hours before they’re created, the company said today.

Google Australia said the new beta search technology which drives the gDay search feature can accurately predict future internet content – and even future events.

The gDay technology – developed in the company’s Sydney engineering centre – uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques from a system called MATE, or Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation.

The feature then creates a sophisticated model of what the internet will look like 24 hours from a given point by using the company’s index of historic, cached web content and a combination of recurrence plots and "fuzzy measure" analysis.

(rubbing hands gleefully together) Excellent !


New Google search tool ‘can see into future’
News Limited, April 01, 2008 06:30am,25642,23460961-5014239,00.html

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  1. Dave commented on Apr 1

    Nice! Google’s future search is powering our april fools rally!

  2. m3 commented on Apr 1

    this is why i hate april 1st.

    i’m too friggin gullible.

  3. Stuart commented on Apr 1

    Innovative idea. The search equivalent to mark to model.

  4. Scott Frew commented on Apr 1

    Yeah, and SBUX and SUNW have combined to produce an internet pipe to send coffee into every household. And the FASB has rescinded SFAS 157, allowing financial statements to obfuscate the truth about toxic holdings on the asset side of their balance sheet, and how they value them. And there’s a “plunge protection team’ out there conspiring to keep equity markets elevated in the face of an obviously faltering economy.

    How gullible do you think we are?

  5. Stuart commented on Apr 1

    Huge market pump @ 3:00AM. UBS I guess didn’t announce a $40B writedown…. only somewhat facetious. Up is down, down is up..

  6. Overhyped and Overpriced Search Engine commented on Apr 1

    They can call it anything they want but nobody can predict the future (they have just shortened the lag between a page is indexed and included in the search). This is another desperate marketing campaign from Google (they have been gradually losing to other innovating web 2.0 technologies) and Barry has bought their hype again.

    P.S. Barry, you should disclose that Google is paying you (you are getting a check from them for the ads) and your Google glorifying propaganda is biased and opinionated (so people can see where you are coming from…)


    BR: Dear fool:

    1) Somone bought into something, but it weren’t me:

    This was an April Fool’s joke. There is no “Search one day into the future.” I can tell from your other comments that your are young and stupid — but really — are you THAT clueless?

    2) I do not use Google ads here. And, all of the financial arrangements of the blog are fully disclosed.

    Time for you to go back to the kiddie pool. You are in way over your head here.

  7. Ken H. commented on Apr 1

    They have created a money tree! Whoo hoo I’m rich Bitch!

    Oh wait, it’s a dollar tree, …..Dang it!

    Happy April fools!

  8. blin commented on Apr 1

    Geez…you got me too.

    I should have known better.

  9. wally commented on Apr 1

    And so the day begins…

  10. Brian commented on Apr 1

    Google also put a fake tool on gmail that would allow you to backdate emails. Say you forgot to email that powerpoint to your boss last night, just click send as 12 hours ago and the date/time adjusts.

    In today’s culture of Truthiness that tool would actually get used.

  11. BundFox commented on Apr 1

    Haha, Dont you just love april fools days. How about searching for Futures Settlement Prices!! :-)

  12. Ross commented on Apr 1

    So, I guess LTCM was using a previous BETA!!

    Wonk Wonk

  13. david price commented on Apr 1

    Help, I know its april fools Day but how can the UBS/Lehman news possibly spark a rally? What am I missing? Thanks!

  14. Jan Hatzius Chicken Little commented on Apr 1


    The stock market is forward looking, looking six months into the future.

    The write-downs reported by UBS today were the past loses.

    Look into the future Dave, look into the future… (most of the nasty write-downs are behind us)

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