New Video Aggregator: Modern Feed

Very nice video aggregator/organizor:


Note one of my favorite shows is highlighted: ROBOT CHICKEN ! (Hysterical stuff)

(We are not investors on the company)


Thanks, Gene!

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  1. RobT commented on Apr 7

    Have you seen Pretty good.

  2. wunsacon commented on Apr 7

    buk buk buk
    buk-buk buk buk…


    I bet Kudlow watches Popeye.

  3. oroboros commented on Apr 7

    It’s Aliiiive!


  4. ramstone commented on Apr 7

    Harvey Birdman > Robot Chicken

  5. tbapple commented on Apr 7

    I thought this was a financial blog…

    …either way this is the best iPhone video site yet.

    Needs Wifi but otherwise even better then the built in YouTube site.

    Another reason your blog beats the WSJ any day.

  6. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 7

    Here’s the press release that came out at 4pm today:


    Comprehensive Guide Launches with Enormous Database of Professionally-Produced Video AND Integrated iPhone Application

    LOS ANGELES, CA — April 8, 2008 — Modern Feed (, your trusty guide to full-length, professionally-produced online video, today announced the launch of the first version of its free service. With a database of 25,000 programs encompassing 2,700 shows and more than 500 networks, Modern Feed makes it iTunes-easy to find and watch the programming you love.

    “What we’ve built is everything you’d expect from a traditional cable or satellite system…but so much more. That’s because our universe is far vaster than what the cable providers can deliver,” said J.D. Heilprin, Modern Feed founder and president. “Of course we have blockbusters from the leading network and cable outlets. But we also introduce you to high-quality programming you didn’t even know existed, but won’t believe you could ever live without. Modern Feed is all about turning viewers on to amazing programming no matter where it lives online.”

    Free, friendly, and easy to use, Modern Feed’s goal is to make viewing online video pain-free, whatever your level of tech-savvy. Visitors can find the programming they want by browsing by network, category, or show title. In addition, “Modern Feed Picks,” “Features & Previews,” “New & Noteworthy,” and “Community Trends” sections help viewers discover something new to watch. Modern Feed alerts viewers if programming is available in HD.

    “Watching video on Modern Feed is the closest thing to channel surfing you’re going to find on the web,” said Heilprin. “The fact that you can search for programming at the same time that you’re watching another show is just totally cool.”

    Modern Feed also launched today with a fully integrated iPhone application that enables visitors to easily create playlists on the Modern Feed website that can be instantly viewed on an iPhone or iPod Touch. iPhone/iPod-compatible programming is available from a wide variety of sources, and is easy to find by browsing the iPhone/iPod section of the site. No matter where you are on the site, iPhone and iPod icons also identify programs that can be viewed on those mobile platforms. This application represents the first step in Modern Feed’s strategy to support multiple platforms in a simple way.

    “We think our iPhone approach is world-class,” said Heilprin. “It’s simple, it’s fully integrated with the site, it’s optimized for wi-fi, and, rather than cram in endless features and links to unlimited programming, we focused on the best programming available for the device and started with an approach that we believe will really work on this growing platform.”

    By setting up a free Modern Feed account, visitors can create and edit playlists, rate shows and episodes, set up season passes for their favorite series, and, receive support for iPhone playlists.

    Driven by The Feeders, a team of TV and video fanatics, in concert with powerful technology tools, Modern Feed scours the Internet to find and catalog the best professional programming available. From hit TV shows to university lectures, glossy fashion shows and web-original programming, Modern Feed is constantly indexing video from across the web, including:
    • Traditional cable and broadcast networks
    • Major web portals like AOL
    • A range of non-traditional sources–from museums to fashion houses to print media outlets, as well as the thousands of sites producing stellar web-original programming

    Because Modern Feed guides visitors to programming where it lives—rather than hosting or licensing it—viewers enjoy access to an incredibly vast collection of programming viewing experience. They also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Modern Feed operates legally under the rules of each individual distributor and copyright holder. Once a visitor clicks on a show to watch, Modern Feed delivers the video according to the programming provider’s guidelines. If they only want viewing to occur on their site, that’s where we take viewers. If the programming exists in multiple places, we’ll catalog them all and evaluate which offers the best viewing experience. Or, if the providers prefer to have their programming embedded in different sites, Modern Feed can accommodate that as well.

    “There’s so much incredible programming available online, but so far it’s been too difficult to find and incredibly frustrating to enjoy,” Heilprin continued. “Modern Feed handles everything–from finding the right plug-ins to delivering the best viewing experience by taking viewers to the programming where it lives.”

    Modern Feed was founded by company president J.D. Heilprin after a two year stint in Barcelona, where he endured a life without his favorite Sunday night ritual: gathering with good friends for dinner and zoning out on the couch with their favorite TV shows. In search of a quick American TV fix, J.D. discovered that much programming was available online. Unfortunately it was too complicated to find and even more frustrating to enjoy. When J.D. returned to the States in 2006 he was determined to create a better way to enjoy video online and began the planning for what now is Modern Feed.

    In order to make the best use of Modern Feed and have the best viewing experience, it is recommended visitors have the latest versions of Firefox (or other browser), Flash, iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media Player or Flip 4 Mac, Real Player, and Silverlight.

    Funded to date by angel investors, Modern Feed launched April 2008 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

    About Modern Feed

    Your trusty guide to navigating the chaotic world of online video, Modern Feed makes it iTunes-easy to find and watch the full-length professionally-produced online programming you know you want. Or, discover something new by browsing thousands of shows by network, title, or popularity. Powered by The Feeders, a team of TV and video fanatics, in concert with powerful technology tools, Modern Feed has already created one of the largest databases of professionally-produced online video — 25,000 programs encompassing 2,700 shows and 500+ networks, and growing. Thanks to Modern Feed’s iPhone/iPod application, you can watch great programming wherever, and whenever you want. Funded to date by angel investors, Modern Feed launched in April 2008 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Modern Feed was founded in early 2007 by company president and online media veteran J.D. Heilprin.

  7. Jim Rockford commented on Apr 10

    Difference between these guys and

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