No Linkfest This Weekend

Crazy busy weekend, no time to whip up the usual festivus of links.

I either have to hire a flunky to assist in all linkfest related activities, or give it up altogether.

Four projects are suddenly moving into high gear, and the ‘fest seems to keep slipping down the TTD list.

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  1. InvestorinPA commented on Apr 6

    Barry, why not have a BP-readers submit and do the linkfest for you? The linkfest is how I found your site, and I’m sure many others look forward to it as I do. It is truly one of the best things about your blog- you should give it more priority!

  2. MarkD commented on Apr 6

    I too miss the linkfest, but it’s good to know that you don’t have any supernatural powers.

  3. AJF commented on Apr 6

    I agree, the ‘fest is one of the great features of TBP, especially your take on each link. I would not agree with letting the readers create the Linkfest: the inmates should never run the asylum. Hopefully you can reprioritize it in your schedule. I think that if it were to reemerge, it should appear on Saturday afternoon or early evening, then your readers could have time to digest it and possibly engage is some dialogue in the comments.

  4. Tim commented on Apr 6

    I understand, life gets in the way all too much! Well, If you ever get back around to it, please consider my blog,, for your linkfest!

    Keep up the good work!


  5. pmorrisonfl commented on Apr 6

    If I gave up my compulsive blog visiting, page-refreshing habits, I’d limit myself to reading your Sunday linkfest. Your particular collection of the week’s events with smart commentary is one of the highlights of current media, in my estimation.

    I guess it would be fair for you to have weekends, but let me add my voice to the ‘Save the Linkfest’ campaign.

  6. Jim commented on Apr 6

    Is it merely an accident that the N.Y. Times has an article today about bloggers dropping dead at their computers of overwork?

    Hire a flunky.

  7. Joe commented on Apr 6

    I say hire a flunky.

  8. Mind commented on Apr 6

    Part of maturity is learning how to leverage your expertise. Hire the (smart) flunky – the sky’s the limit.

  9. shiloh commented on Apr 6

    I too would miss your personal take on all the stories, but I put my vote in for a lackey-generated fest than none at all.

  10. Mind commented on Apr 6

    … and maybe a personal trainer. You’re a superstar now – adjust accordingly.

  11. Diarmuid commented on Apr 6

    ….you need an intern :)

  12. InvestorinPA commented on Apr 6

    One more point to add, Barry. If you don’t do the linkfest, someone else will. Its obviously a popular part of your blog. You should never give lesser priority to a popular aspect of any business (of which we can call your blog one). I strongly vote for “Save the Linkfest”!

  13. John Borchers commented on Apr 6

    Oh good, really no subject so BR hopefully won’t ban me for putting something where it might not belong.

    Option traders: When an option is exercised (assigned) there is a fee. Is this fee for both for the writer of the option and the buyer of the option (if its a call option)? Does this differ at all for a put option?

    I’m assuming this fee comes from moving shares between accounts or even between brokerages.

  14. Winston Munn commented on Apr 6


    As a suggestion, instead of trying to put together an entire Linkfest, how about something like “Links of the Week”, with only a handful of links (1-5?) you feel are of solid value?

  15. steve commented on Apr 6

    Don’t hire anyone. Don’t burn yourself out. Do what you want, when you want. I like hearing your opinion, not the manufactured opinion of someone who’s goal is to fill up white space. If this blog becomes a “job”, that’s what will happen, you will have to fill up the blank page even when you don’t have anything to say.

    Don’t do it Barry.

  16. dryfly commented on Apr 6

    Hire Kudlow – he’s a flunky

  17. Rodger Coleman commented on Apr 6

    Here I was thinking you had to have at least one flunky this whole time. You amaze me, Barry, you really do.

    I, too appreciate the linkfest, as it makes it easier to catch up on the weekends.

    If you don’t have a flunky by now, by all means get one. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to find someone who would be grateful for the opportunity. In another life, I would jump at the chance.

  18. njdoc commented on Apr 6

    great article

  19. jjr commented on Apr 6

    Barry, I would love the opportunity to be your flunky and help with the weekend linkfest. As an added benefit, I can offer help with copy-editing for typos and such on the everyday posts. Drop me an email if you’re interested, and we can discuss the particulars. I’d be happy to offer you a trial run, gratis. Have been a long time reader (over 2 years) of your blog, and I digest about a dozen financial and economics blogs daily.

  20. psmith87 commented on Apr 6

    I too appreciate the linkfest. I look forward to it every weekend and miss it when it’s not posted.

  21. Darkness commented on Apr 6

    You know, as a regular reader, I never got the point of it, and have never bothered to read it.

    wow, now I know how cinefoz feels…

  22. Emmett commented on Apr 6


    Linkfest has recently evolved into a compendium of your previous week’s posts.

    You could have a flunky post those links that received the most comments. Put in a word about the most interesting counterpoint comment received.

    Makes you look fairminded without having to do the research.

    Your linkfest from TSC was how I found your blog.

    You need some help anyway. You’re working to hard.

  23. SJGMoney commented on Apr 6

    Here’s the only link any music fan needs this week:

    Looks like the Rolling Stones back catalog just landed. DRM free beeeatchs!!

  24. donmon commented on Apr 6

    Flunkie is a very poor choice of words and demeaning to any assistant you would hire.
    Kind of like grunt in the military. A word I abhor as a former officer. The working
    people make this world work. Without them
    we would freeze and starve. I was an engineer, but the working people built the stuff. You will not be elite after your day comes.

  25. Jayhawk Fan commented on Apr 6

    Enough Ben Steinery!

    Bring back the linkfest!

  26. Joe commented on Apr 7

    Please hire a flunky to help and you put the finishing touches on it. Love the Linkfest.

  27. Philippe commented on Apr 7

    Do not get drawn in what becomes infectious « money matters », take a rest, read real literature, listen to good music and if sometimes you are tempted to have interest in the human comedy, purchase pre Colombian sculptures.

  28. Eclectic commented on Apr 7

    Winston’s got the idea, Barringo.

    Just modify the linkfest. Try a new format for it, “Barry’s top 5” or 10 or whatever, and maybe a standard open comment forum.

    Your own story roll is far better than the linkfest anyway. Just my opinion.

  29. Levente commented on Apr 7

    I’m a truly great fan of the linkfest. The most important part of my Monday to read through them all. I usually takes up my whole week, but afterwards I feel prepared. I know how tireing it must be to compile such a list, but letting it go down the drain would not be the best idea IMHO.

    Maybe you could shorten it, make it twice weekly or hire a flunky, where you’ll only have to add the comments.

    If I guess right you read the links you post anyway, so just a click here and a paste there. It doesn’ have to be so thorough.

    Thanks for the blog. It is the best!

  30. Philip commented on Apr 7

    Barry, is this a trial baloon? I first discovered you via the Linkfest when it was only on The I think many others the same. It would be a great shame to cut off the roots so to speak.
    BTW, they are usually referred to as “Interns”!!

  31. Egg commented on Apr 7

    Here’s a brainstormy thought: whenever you write a blog entry, write the linkfest summary that goes with it–i.e., in advance. Then have an automated program (or flunky) create the linkfest with the press of a button.

    Obviously there are reasons why this isn’t as good as homemade. But it could be used in a pinch, or regularly, or always from now on… Just an idea.

    Super blog and blogwriter. Kudos to you Barry!

  32. jb commented on Apr 7


    Everybody loves the linkfest and why not? You do all the work and we sit back and reap the benefits!

    Have a life and do what’s best for yourself!


  33. The Financial Philosopher commented on Apr 7


    As you know, the human brain prefers problem-solving “heuristics” – mental shortcuts that link patterns to potential rewards. We want our “life instructions” wrapped into nice little packages.

    You could actually do something radical here by quitting the linkfest altogether and provide information that your readers need rather than what they want. Let the “rat brain” blogs provide the shortcuts…

    Personally, I believe your daily posts provide incredible insight and great value and never find reason to read your linkfest. Once Friday Night Jazz is posted, I’m done with “news” until Monday morning…

    I hope your ultimate decision is based upon what you believe is right for you. Otherwise, you will be making a mistake…


  34. Bad Home Cook commented on Apr 7

    You could EASILY get an unpaid intern of the whip-smart variety. Email your local business school or journalism school (you’re in NYC, yes?) You’ll have more candidates than you know what to do with. They’ll be thrilled to toil online for you with just the promise of a small post now and then and the greater glory association with TBP affords them (and their resumes).

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