NYU Lecture: Business, Media, and Blogging

I am giving a lecture tonight at NYU’s Stern School of Business on Business, Media, and Blogging.  Also appearing will be Henry Blodget of Silicon Alley Insider and Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times DealBook.

The class is taught by Tunku Varadarajan, clinical professor of business at NYU Stern, and is the former op-ed editor at the Wall Street Journal. (I believe its open only to NYU students).


-How business blogs have fared in the world of niche/specialist blogs?
-Does the business world lend itself especially well to blogging?
-Are there problems/pitfalls inherent in business blogs that
are different from those inherent in blogs in general?
-Do blogs move/shape/affect markets?
-Do biz bloggers have special
-Should CEOs blog?

We will also survey the landscape of business blogs and come up with few A-list blogs, point out their strengths, weaknesses,


WSJ Joins the Blogging Crowd (March 2006)

MSM Blogging Review: NYT Starts Blogging too  (March 2006)

The Media Goes Blog Crazy! (June 2006)

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  1. Eric commented on Apr 22

    Henry Blodget — one of the very few people to give their honest (and very convincing) opinion of Jim Cramer. He’s worth listening to for that reason alone. Too bad Cramer has so much media leverage, or more people would do the same. I guess you have to be a pariah with nothing to lose.

  2. Conor Neu commented on Apr 23

    Possible to see any sort of video replay of the lecture?

  3. zell commented on Apr 23

    What is a “clinical” professor?

  4. Dave commented on Apr 23

    “clinical professor of business”?

    The economy can’t be in that bad shape.

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