Today’s CNBC Appearance

Here’s today’s CNBC spot, live and up close.  (You can catch me trying to live blog a few times during the show, looking down at the monitor)

Click the links (not the picture)

Inflation & the

    Insight on what the PPI numbers
    mean for the economy and markets, with Barry Ritholtz, Fusion IQ; Edward Zore,
    Northwestern Mutual and CNBC’s Steve Liesman

Regulating Hedge Funds   

    Discussing both sides of the
    issue, with Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General; Harvey Pitt Former
    SEC Chairman Kalorama Partners, CEO & Founder and CNBC’s Melissa

  • Investing in Railroad

      How to make money in
      transports, with Jason Seidl, Credit Suisse First Boston and Lee Klaskow,
      Longbow Research

  • Cure for Airline Ailments?   

      Debating whether low fares kill
      the airline industry, with Vaughn Cordle, Airline Forecasts; Jerry Chandler and CNBC’s Melissa Francis

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  1. Diarmuid commented on Apr 15

    Hi Barry,

    Can you check you’ve those videos uploaded right…

    Not Found

    The requested URL /id/15840232 was not found on this server.


  2. Sri commented on Apr 15


    We can’t access any of the videos


  3. Wade Black commented on Apr 15


    Can you please give some love to Bloomberg TV. I’ve gotten so annoyed with how CNBC has slid into the toilet. Between Jim Cramer and Larry Kudlow, along with the new bearded fool they have on the set during the day who yells at guests, I’ve completely lost whatever little respect I had for this network.

    I often ask Rudy to change the channel on our shared TV when they engage in the same sort of idiotic point-counterpoint yelling matches (i.e. let’s get someone from the AFL-CIO to argue with someone from the Heritage Foundation).

    It’s not just CNBC of course but all of the “news” networks.

  4. Rich Shinnick commented on Apr 15

    Live Blogging?

    Yeah, don’t do that again. One thing at a time, focus, focus, focus. But, impressive nonetheless. I personally have absolutely no ability to do two thing at once, read once that Bill Clinton was a master at it-come to think if it, that must have been true. Wasn’t he talking on the phone with a Congressman while he was……errrr. Forget it, don’t know where I was going with that, point is you probably can’t give 100% to two things at once. Multi-tasking is overrated.

    Good job on air though.

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