Wall Street Political Donations

Here’s how 5 big Wall Street Firms made their donations to the major presidential candidates:


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  1. michael schumacher commented on Apr 18

    pretty obvious that John Mack thinks he should be the next treasurey sec. for Clinton…..

    Where’s GS’ tally???? LOL


  2. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Apr 18

    it seems to me as recent evidence would validate, that again, they have placed most of their bets in the wrong place.

    ML / McCain….? Jesus H. Christ….! what have these boys been drinking…..?


  3. Jonathan commented on Apr 18

    It is interesting that JPM was given a quick greenlight to buyout BSC by a Republican administration, yet a vast majority of their contributions were to Democrat candidates.

    I don’t think there is any meaning to it other than it being an ironic coincidence, but still interesting to note.

  4. Christopher commented on Apr 18

    Wall St execs should donate the most money to the candidate who is most likely to bail out their firm in the next bubble.

  5. Phil commented on Apr 18

    It should be noted that this is dated Dec. 31. That’s a million years ago in this election cycle. It’s before McCain was the clear Republican frontrunner and even before Obama really started to surge.

  6. robert commented on Apr 18

    For Wall Street and presidential politics, it’s not much money.

  7. JD commented on Apr 18

    I’d love to see a similar chart for 2000 and 2004 since I am convinced that the Republicans do NOT want another Republican in the Presidency for 2009-2012. Its a win-win situation for the GOP if a Democrat takes the presidency and either helps the economy or is perceived as making it worse.

  8. JD commented on Apr 18

    According to the March 3rd figures for from the Center for Responsive Politics the top five recipients in the 2008 cycle are as follows:

    1 – Clinton, Hillary (D) – $1,223,724
    2 – Obama, Barack (D) – $1,185,937
    3 – Romney, Mitt (R) – $815,301
    4 – Giuliani, Rudolph W (R) – $806,751
    5 – McCain, John (R) – $748,405

    And March 3rd is well beyond when McCain became the clear nominee.

  9. soNotInTheKnow commented on Apr 18

    Dear BR,

    These amounts seem so low. Wonder if there is a website that shows what the hedge fund dudes are handing out?

  10. Chris Noyes commented on Apr 18

    I would give them all money if I too could borrow from the Fed window.

  11. JD commented on Apr 18


    Center for Responsive Politics has it as:

    Donations from Hedge Funds
    Presidential Candidates
    Election cycle: 2008

    1 – Dodd, Christopher J (D) – $757,250
    2 – Clinton, Hillary (D) – $701,500
    3 – Giuliani, Rudolph W (R) – $683,200
    4 – Obama, Barack (D) – $578,342
    5 – Edwards, John (D) – $202,950
    6 – Romney, Mitt (R) – $181,600
    7 – McCain, John (R) – $143,450
    8 – Richardson, Bill (D) – $27,300
    9 – Thompson, Fred (R) – $22,700

  12. DonKei commented on Apr 18

    Does this money represent capital to the IB’s, or did they borrow it, too?

  13. Ross commented on Apr 18

    Raise the salary of the Pres to $20 million a year and attract some competent candidates for a change.

    Oh wait. The payoffs come AFTER the term of office. Kinda like the hitman don’t get paid til the evil deed be done!

  14. toady commented on Apr 18

    No downside for Wall Street to donate to Clinton.

    Even if she looses the presidential they’ll have the benefits of assisting their local senator and gain whatever residual benefits that derives.

  15. EorrFU commented on Apr 18

    How much of this started off with helping the local politician first. They are obviously the most easily influenced. Look how the Hedge funds donated to Dodd. Assuming most of them are from the Grenwich-Stamford area of CT where Dodd is their rep.
    Of course I wonder how many of those Hedge Funds are left…

    Is the UBS trading floor in Stamford (worlds largest) nearly empty?

  16. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Apr 18

    Why get worked up when they ALL play us for fools anyway? Those pie charts are the bribes…I mean contributions to the two protection rackets called Political Partys.

    Enjoy the bread and circus now because I’m not sure about the bread in the future although the circus never disappoints.

  17. Richard commented on Apr 18

    well said spectre. these guys can eat me.

  18. chaz commented on Apr 18

    I don’t even bother to walk down Wall Street in the morning, because it is so cluttered with obnoxious assholes. I take the back way to work.

    It’s apparent from the campaign donation charts that the axiom that “shit rolls downhill” is a fact here, too.

    Just when I thought these elitist bastards could do nothing more to offend thier own dignity, I see them making a-NOTHER Faustian bargain.

    Wall Street needs new blood. Not this tired old fraternity of idiot-savants.

    Although, perhaps Merrill is worth taking a second look at.

  19. bsneath commented on Apr 19

    The contributions seem quite rational in my opinion. The Clintons will sell out in a heart beat for personal power and gain.

    Personally I hope the race is between Obama and McCain. Further I hope that the victor kicks a little hedge fund/IB butt!

  20. VennData commented on Apr 19

    Four more years!

  21. Dervin commented on Apr 19

    Does McCain even know what a hedge fund is?

    Anyway, I used to work for the MSDW and in 2000 there was cheering and general happiness when Bush won. My how times changed.

  22. bsneath commented on Apr 19

    He understands well enough that greed and abuse of power by those at the top is damaging our economic system.

  23. me commented on Apr 19

    He also understands that 100 more years in Iraq and bombing Iran is just the juice the economy needs. Too bad there is no military left to do it.

  24. Bob A commented on Apr 19

    Markets are leading indicators. You know it can’t go down unless it goes up first.

  25. Bob A commented on Apr 19

    Markets are leading indicators. You know it can’t go down unless it goes up first.

  26. rickrude commented on Apr 19

    there has got to be a better political system
    than a 2 party , wallstreet funded

  27. Karl K commented on Apr 19

    So do you think all the Wall St. contributors to Obama’s campaign want to see Jeremiah Wright do the invocation at the the inauguration??

    “God-d–m the US of KKKK!”

    Really, it would be great theater, and less expensive than Broadway.

  28. VJ commented on Apr 20

    Wall Street always believes that Republicans in power will result in a better performing stock market and national economy.

    They are always wrong.

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