Advice for Billionaires on Getting Things Done

Nice productivity round up for you billionaire TBP readers — but much of the advice is applicable to everyone else.

While toys and baubles are nice, the one thing you can never have enough of is free time. "Days, hours and minutes are the new currency, the units by which the very successful measure their worth."

So how does one perfect the art of time hogging? Here, a few tips from the masters:

Delegate the delegating.
Don’t read—digest.
Jump the gun.
Don’t divorce.
Skip the party.

Note that the headings do not do the piece justice — you really have to click through and read it.

My favorite quote in the piece? "Marrying a mistress just creates a vacancy." 

Man, that’s just cold.



Time Bandits
Gordon Bennett
W Magazine, May 2008

via kottke

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  1. Adam commented on May 8

    This is similar to my belief that government would be most productive if its stated goal was to maximize conscious life expectancy of its citizens.

    Most people do not appreciate the value of time.

  2. GreenMachine commented on May 8

    Gee BR, now you’ve got me realizing how much time I spend digesting your blog. One might argue this has been time well spent, as I’ve been educated and provided insight with investments. Although, considering my YTD performance…..only time will tell. BTW, how about the fire sale on BRL!?? Falling knife or ready to rebound? (IMO BRL rebounds like Dennis Rodman by next season.)

  3. blin commented on May 8

    Very creepy article. I’m glad that I’m living in europe…enough said.

  4. catman commented on May 8

    You shouldnt let other people get your kicks for you. Hardly news at this late date.

  5. donna commented on May 8

    Oh geez. If I had a billion, I would just delegate EVERYTHING.

    How much freaking money do they need already?

    Then again, I already pretty much have all my time to myself – and I didn’t even need a billion to do it. I guess my needs are just fewer.

  6. Roger Bigod commented on May 8

    Now we know why BR isn’t a billionaire: too much “Candle in the Wind.”

  7. Jurgen commented on May 9

    “My favorite quote in the piece? “Marrying a mistress just creates a vacancy.”

    Man, that’s just cold.”

    ROFL. LOL. gniffle

  8. smurf commented on May 9

    Delegate and don’t marry your mistress? Sure, why not pay someone else sleeping with your mistresses… think how much time and energy you can save.

  9. winslow commented on May 9

    A little tidbit for the wealthy….
    the premise that higher taxes on the wealthy will undermine growth in this country…is illusory.
    Much of the accumulated wealth has been because of the dedication of the working class. Don’t think this will continue.
    The plundering of assets may be coming to an end.

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